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Graphic Design Program

Graphic Designers are problem solvers. They translate ideas and information through creativity, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The students in the Graphic Design Program at Western Connecticut State University are taught to find the most effective way to visually problem solve. By gathering relevant information, performing research, utilizing their creative skills, they execute their ideas into fully realized designs. The curriculum is studio-based with academic classes related to graphic arts.

The program boasts a state of the art digital lab equipped with Apple Macintosh computers and the most up-to-date software pertinent to the graphics industry. Design classes are modeled on professional practice. Students explore the creative process through a variety of methods such as typography, illustration, photography, and digital medium.

Graduates of the WCSU graphic design program leave with not only a professional porfolio, but also all the skills necessary to compete in a highly competitive field. Our alumni have gone on to become successful in areas such as publishing, graphic design, advertising, packaging, and web design.

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