Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Alcohol Awareness Events at WCSU

The Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention Program's goal is to offer a presence on this campus that encourages the confidence of students who may be on paths to the downside of todayís substance-abuse statistics.

Engage students in peer dialogues focusing on pressures that promote self-destructive behavior.

Offer confidential, up-to-date information on symptoms, resources, screening, assessment, treatment and counseling to students who request it.

Coordinate with campus departments and programs that run alternative activities and events for students who donít want to drink or use drugs.


Implement prevention programs that effectively impact harmful behaviors.


Additional services ASAPP offers:

  • on-campus lending library of relevant books and materials. 

  • educational and discussion programs. 

  • classroom presentations to educate students to the risks of alcohol and substance abuse.


                        For more information contact:

 Sharon Guck, Alcohol/Substance Abuse Coordinator

Litchfield Hall 101

(203) 837-8899


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