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Welcome to the new online home of the Ancell Pride!  

Students, this is your information site for all things Ancell. Please use and share any and all information. Submissions can be made to Gerri Kennedy, Editor, at kennedyg@wcsu.edus Events 

Ancell Commons Opportunities
Introducing our new program: JLA Mornings!

Want to improve your academic outcome? We have two excellent JLA Peer Educators available this semester – Tashai and Allison. Tashai works during our busier times so we recommend that students make an appointment to work with her. Allison works during a traditionally quiet time and so we are introducing the programs below.

We are not just a remedial resource. We help good students become better. New Drop-In Opportunities to Excel in JLA:

  • Study Tables: Come in and study in the Commons on Tuesdays (9 am to 12:30 pm) and Thursdays (9 am to 11 am). If you have questions, just let Allison know and she will be happy to guide you.
  • Search Strategies and JLA Research: Need help with search strategies and research? How do you know which sources to trust and what to pull from each source? Allison can show you how to search and research more effectively, how to determine whether a source is reliable and what information might best help you make your point, and she can work with you to review the sources you have chosen for reliability.
  • Case Brief Review: Allison will work with you to make sure your case brief meets professor requirements. Bring the requirements with you!
  • There’s an App for that! Drop in to talk to Allison about tools/apps you can use to excel in your JLA courses.
Club Events and News
  • The Finance Club has an active schedule for Fall 2018, come check them out!
  • The Accounting Society has some excellent events coming later this month. See below for details! 
Special Events
Volunteers are needed for the CT Financial Reality Fair which will take place at WCSU in the Westside Campus Center on Wednesday, November 14 2018.
This is a great opportunity to do some service work to help high school students gain an understanding of what it means to make their own money decisions. These high school students will be given a salary based on their desired occupation, and have to make financial decisions throughout the fair.
This event is something that is fun, and helpful for students to be able to react to real life situations.
Volunteers are needed starting at 7:45 am for orientation. The event will begin at 8am and run until about 12pm.
Breakfast and refreshments will be served to all volunteers in the morning. If you or someone you know is interested, please contact event coordinator and WCSU alum Alyssa Angurio at


November Career Services Events 
Wed., Nov 14th – Resume Workshop from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm, Midtown Student Center, room 202. Sign up at WestconnWorks.
Thurs., Nov 15th – Mock Interviews. With 3 different time slots, come practice your interviewing skills! From 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, Westside Campus Center. Sign up at WestConnWorks.
Friday, Nov. 16th – Last Day to Withdraw from Classes!

The last day to withdraw from your classes WITHOUT PENALTY is Friday Nov. 16th!

Students wishing to withdraw from a class before the deadline should come to the Registrar’s Office and complete a Course Withdrawal form.

Image result for thanksStudents may also submit their withdrawal by completing the online withdrawal form at:

Gab & GROW – 

is a new podcast that’s your location for learning about the people, places, and resources available at WCSU to help you be a successful student. Episodes are about as long as a bus-ride to the other campus. From “What’s happening in Athletics” to “Where is the Writing Center”, if you have a question, you’ll get an answer! New this week are:

The Career Success Center  | Campus Safety  | College Students and Alcohol (& other drugs)

go to Soundcloud to listen now!

November Events
Wed., Nov. 14th

LECTURE “Privacy, Security and Safety in a Social Media World.” – by Facebook’s Chris Kelly. As the first chief privacy officer, general counsel and head of global public policy for Facebook, Kelly helped the company grow from its college roots to the ubiquitous communications medium that it is today.


December Events
Wed., Dec. 5th

HPX Club After Hours Event – The Institute for Holistic Health Studies is hosting a Stress Busters Event on December 5th from 10:00 AM- 1:00 PM, at the Ancell Learning Commons.






















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