WestConn Assessment Information

Assessment Resources for Reference

All WestConn departments have good resources and past practice to draw upon for help. The items below provide points of reference. All are available either electronically or in hard copy if not easily accessible in department files.


  1. NEASC Standards
    1. Standard II, Planning and Evaluation
    2. “Note on Institutional Effectiveness,” Self-Study Guide
  2. Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
    The Busy Person’s Guide to Assessment
  3. CSU Assessment Conference 4/30/04: Program-Based Review and Assessment (UMass)
  4. Websites: Association of American Colleges and Universities ( www.aacu.org/)
    North Carolina State University (www2.acs.ncsu.edu/upa/assmt/resource.htm) Nine Principles of Good Practice (www.iuk.edu/%7Ekoctla/assessment/9principles.shtml)
    National Resource Center for the First-Year Experience (www.sc.edu/fye/ )

PRACTICE at WestConn

  1. Institutional Assessment Plan, 1988
    Seven areas identified for collecting data on “student outcomes” (broadly interpreted)
  2. Biennial Assessment Reports: 1992; 1994; 1997
    1. Program assessment reports from all academic departments
    2. Program goals, objectives, measures, and time frame reported
    3. No evidence of use of data to improve student learning
  3. Departmental plans to Assessment Committee, beginning Spring 2001
  4. Recommendations of the Assessment Committee (2001-2006)
    1. a. Assessment update as section of each department’s annual report
    2. b. All new program proposals submitted to governance review include assessment plans
  5. Review and critique of plans by Assessment Committee, beginning Fall 2001
  6. Proposals for CSU assessment grants, 2004-date