Map of ECSU Campus & Environs

A. Some directions to the ECSU campus:

The "ECSU starting location" for the ride is at the main entrance to the campus. In the map above, see the black square labelled "Campus Police".

This is where you would enter the campus if you plan to sleep in the gym at the Sports Center or park.

Getting to the ECSU campus entrance can be a bit annoying simply because High St is one-way 'south' between Valley St and Main St. See the red arrow in the above map. At all other places, it is a two-way street.

Consequently, I think the easiest and most direct way to get to the campus (if you are coming from the west) is from Main St to turn left (north) on Windham St; and after one block turn right (east), and then after one more block turn left (north) again. You're now going north on HIght St. You can't miss Windham St because it is immediately before Benny's Auto Store which has a big orange/red sign.

B. Other Significant Locations in Willimantic

A bike shop, Scott's Cyclery, is open until 6 pm on Sat. But it is not open on Sundays as a rule.

A number of places to eat are noted on the map. The mall to the north-east of the map has an Applebees.

The Stop & Shop is conveniently located on the way out of town, so you can stock up on some appropriate nutritional items.