Master of Arts in History   

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Program Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The Master of Arts (M.A.) in History degree program is designed for students who wish to develop their skills in analyzing and interpreting historical events and interrelational developments in diverse areas of the world. Students may be secondary school teachers, college graduates preparing for a career in college teaching, or professionals from outside the academic world who value the intellectual challenge afforded by the serious study of history.

Admission Requirements

August 1 is the fall deadline to apply to the M.A. in History program. Application for the spring semester is January 1. Late applications may be considered at the discretion of the Department of History and Non-Western Cultures.

Requirements include:

  • An earned bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.7. The GPA in history courses should be at least 3.0. An applicant with an undergraduate degree and GPA below 3.0 may submit Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general test scores and an explanation of relevant circumstances to support their application.
  • The following materials must be submitted to the Division of Graduate Studies:
    • A completed graduate admission application form and fee.
    • Official transcripts for all undergraduate and graduate courses and degrees.
    • A statement of purpose, two to four pages, typed and double-spaced. The statement should describe the  applicant’s relevant past experience, academic and career goals and interest in the M.A. in History program.
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation from individuals who can effectively assess the applicant’s general  academic potential.
    • Acceptance by the Department of History and Non-Western Cultures.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of thirty (30) semester hour credits is required for the M.A. in History. The standard course requirements are:

  1. History 490 (Undergraduate Senior Seminar) three (3) semester hours
  2. Twelve (12) semester hours, or four courses in the student’s major theme (see below)
  3. Six (6) semester hours, or two courses in the student’s minor theme (see below)
  4. Nine (9) semester hours, or three elective courses in any theme.

Acceptable Variations:

  1. If the student can demonstrate completion of a substantial undergraduate history research paper (minimum 20 pages of text, excluding endnotes), the history 490 requirement will be waived. Another elective class must be taken in its place.
  2. Students choosing to do a master’s thesis must complete the six (6) semester-hour thesis course (HIS 592) instead of two elective courses.

With the graduate coordinator’s approval, students may take a maximum of six (6) semester hours in 500-level courses in allied fields (such as English or education) or in 400-level history courses.

Master of Arts in History

The student will concentrate on one theme, completing a minimum of twelve (12) semester hours. All candidates for the M.A. in History degree are required to take a written comprehensive examination in the major theme. To be eligible to take the comprehensive examination, students must complete all course work prior to or during the semester in which the comprehensive exam is taken. The average must be “B” or better. Students should contact the graduate coordinator to schedule the comprehensive examination.

Students must complete a minimum of six (6) semester hours in a theme other than their major theme.   Courses offered include, but are not limited to, the following:

Theme I: Revolution  
HIS 510   Fascism: Revolution of Counter Revolution 3 SH
HIS 511   The Communist Revolution and the Soviet Union 3 SH
HIS 515   The French Revolution 3 SH
HIS 516   The American Revolution 3 SH
HIS 541   Conflict in the Modern Middle East 3 SH
Theme II: International Relations  
HIS 520   Origins of World War I, or 3 SH
HIS 521   Origins of World War II 3 SH
HIS 528   World War II 3 SH
HIS 534   Islam in International Affairs 3 SH
HIS 541   Conflict in the Modern Middle East 3 SH
Theme III: American History  
HIS 505   New York City: Its History and Culture 3 SH
HIS 506   Readings in American History to 1877 3 SH
HIS 507   Readings in American History Since 1877 3 SH
HIS 516   The American Revolution 3 SH
HIS 535   African-American History & Culture 3 SH
HIS 537   America in the Sixties 3 SH
HIS 539   America in the 1950s 3 SH
HIS 556   Colonial North America 3 SH
HIS 557   The Early American Republic 3 SH
HIS 558   History of the American South 3 SH
Theme IV: European History  
HIS 501   Development of Western Thought 3 SH
HIS 508   Readings in European History to 1500 3 SH
HIS 509   Readings in European History since 1500 3 SH
HIS 510   Fascism: Revolution or Counterrevolution 3 SH
HIS 515   The French Revolution 3 SH
HIS 520   Origins of World War I 3 SH
HIS 521   Origins of World War II

3 SH

Theme V: Non-Western History  
HIS 534   Islam in International Affairs 3 SH
HIS 540   Islamic Intellectual History  3 SH
HIS 541 Conflict in the Modern Middle East 3 SH
HIS 570 Chinese Thought and Religion 3 SH
HIS 571 China in the Twentieth Century 3 SH

Consult the graduate program coordinator for appropriate course selections.

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