The Center For Student Involvement        

Dennis Leszko, Director of the Center for Student Involvement Phone: (203) 837-8214
Amy Shanks, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Involvement Phone: (203) 837-8609

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is the main point of contact for students wanting to form a new club or organization and those currently involved with one. This is where student organizations register and receive information and support. The CSI staff advises in the operation of more than 80 student organizations including the Student Government Association, the Program Activities Council and the Recreation Council and provides assistance with leadership development, university policies and event planning. The CSI staff also operates the recreation, intramurals and club sports program as well as coordinates programs, events and activities on campus organized by and for students through the Student Activities Master Calendar.  

Recreation, Intramurals and Club Sports  
Amy Shanks, Assistant Director of the Center for Student Involvement Phone: (203) 837-8609
  Student Center 207


The Recreation Department at Western is dedicated to providing the campus community with a multitude of recreational activities to encourage physical fitness and promote a postive well-being. For up-to-date information, please visit our website,


Team and individual events are offered for women, men and coed divisions, and the programs is open to all Western students, faculty, staff and alumni.                                          Fall Instramurals: flag football and basketball                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Spring Intramurals: basketball, volleyball and slow-pitch softball

Club Sports

Club Sports can be organized on either a recreational or a competitive level.

Clubs and Organizations

Student Government Association (SGA) Phone: (203) 837-8711
  Student Center 215

 The SGA is the official voice of the student body. It appoints student representatives to university committees, allocates the student activities fee to student organizations and protects student rights. If you are interested in serving your fellow students, stop by the office. 

The Echo Phone: (203) 837-8707 / (203) 837-8708
  Student Center 212
Get the story! Western’s student-run newspaper is distributed throughout both campuses each Tuesday. All students, independent of their major, are eligible to write and work for The Echo
Greek Council Phone: (203) 837-8217
   Student Center 217

This is the governing body for all social Greek letter organizations. For information concerning any Greek organization, just call or stop by.

Inter-Residence Hall Association (IRHA) Phone: (203) 837-8720
  Newbury Hall

 The Inter-Residence Hall Association is the governing body for each of the Residence Hall Councils. Representatives are elected from each residence hall. 

Program Activities Council (PAC) Phone: (203) 837-8421
  Student Center 219

PAC is the main programming board for student activities. Throughout the semester PAC organizes various trips, game shows, comedians, movies, and more for your entertainment pleasure. If you have an interest in advertising or planning campus events, concerts, and shows, then stop by the office to join or attend a meeting — every Wednesday at 4PM in the Student Center. 

Student and Campus Center Board
Phone: (203) 837-8504

 Great resources like our Midtown Student Center and Westside Campus Center need a collective student voice to keep them serving student needs and enriching university life. 

Student Veterans Organization Student Center 208

The Student Veterans Organization (SVO) is a club established in 2009 to acknowledge the needs of Western veterans who wish to better integrate into the university community. Officially recognized and endorsed by the Student Government Association, the SVO is comprised of student veterans who wish to support and serve other veterans — at WCSU and abroad — in a number of ways. 

WXCI Campus Radio Phone: (203) 837-8387
  Student Center 213

91.7 WXCI is a student-run college radio station located on the Midtown campus. Since its inception in 1973, WXCI has remained the second largest college station in Connecticut, pumping 3,000 watts of power through their transmitter. 

Other Student Organizations

For a complete list of student organizations, visit 

Recreation, Intramurals and Club Sports

Club Sports

The Club Sports Program provides ab opportunity for individuals who share a common interest in a recereational sport to improve their skill level and overall knowledge of the sport or activity. Club Sports can be organized on either a researcational or a competitive level. Instructional activities range from informal play to regular practices in preparation for intercollegiate and tournament competition. Many clubs compete with other schools and are a part of a collegiate league of play.

All students are encouraged to engage in one of the many recreation and intramural activities taking place on campus. These programs are offered through the recreation department, which is located by the Center for Student Involvement (CSI). Students also may participate in any one of the club sports programs at the university.

Current active club sports include: Men’s Ice Hockey, Dance Team, Cheerleading and Men’s and Women’s Rugby

Other Student Organizations

Any group of students who have a common bond of interest is encouraged to form a student organization. As officially recognized student organizations, each has an obligation to the educational advancement of its members as well as Western Connecticut State University. Applications to become a recognized student organization are available from the SGA office and the Center for Student Involvement. Check out the listings at the web address listed above.


Each year the graduate program coordinators are asked to nominate two graduate students to the Graduate Council, a standing committee of the University Senate, advisory to the faculty and administration. Interested students should contact their coordinator or call the Division of Graduate Studies at (203) 837-8244. 

All full-time students of the university are members of the Student Government Association. The Association’s governing body is the student senate, with members chosen by university-wide election. The student senate prepares a budget to allocate student activity funds to campus organizations. The Program Activities Council and the Student Center Board are responsible for sponsoring student activities throughout the year and for recommending improvements in the student center building. These organizations give students the opportunity to develop leadership and organizational skills.

Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Judicial Procedures               

The Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Judicial Procedures is intended to present a clear statement of student rights and responsibilities and to set forth the judicial procedures established by the Connecticut State University System to protect those rights and address the abdication of those responsibilities. The code describes the types of acts that are not acceptable in an academic community, as well as the general processes by which the commission of those acts will be addressed.      

Students must be aware that, as citizens, they are subject to all federal and state laws in addition to all university regulations governing student conduct and responsibilities. Students do not relinquish their rights or shed their responsibilities as citizens by becoming members of the Connecticut State University community.


Academic institutions exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students and the general well-being of society. In line with this purpose, the university has the duty to protect the freedoms of inquiry and expression and furthermore has the responsibility to encourage all of its members to develop the capacity for critical judgment in their sustained and independent search for truth.      

The Connecticut State University System has certain self-defined institutional values. Principal among these values is respect for the dignity, rights, and individuality of each member of the university community. The opportunity to live, study, and work in an institution which values diverse intellectual and cultural perspectives and encourages discussion and debate about competing ideas in an atmosphere of civility is a basic component of quality higher education at this university.      

All members of the university community must at all times govern their social and academic interactions with tolerance and mutual respect so that the men and women who pass through the university’s doors are enriched by these experiences and are prepared for full and enlightened participation in a multi-cultural society. Because of the university’s commitment to principles of pluralism, mutual respect, and civility, certain activities are not acceptable on the university campus. Acts of intolerance, of hatred or violence based on race, religion, sexual orientation, disability, gender, age, or ethnic background are antithetical to the university’s fundamental principles and values. It is the university’s responsibility to secure the students’ right to learn by establishing an environment of civility.      

The disciplinary process is intended to be part of the educational mission of the CSU System. Student disciplinary proceedings are not criminal proceedings and are not subject to court rules of procedure and evidence.      

The complete “Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Judicial Procedures” can be found in the Student Handbook, which is available through the Office of Student Affairs in Old Main 306 and on the WCSU website.

Judicial Affairs 

The office of judicial affairs administers the student’s discipline process and serves as a liason to all university departments regarding matters pertaining to student conduct. All Western students are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Statement of Judicial Procedures. Formal complaints, as well as inquiries concerning the student discipline system and student discipline records, should be directed to the Director of Judicial Affairs at (203) 837-8770.

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