Music Education

MED workshops involve elementary instruction and pedagogy of the instrument or instruments in their respective families. Each workshop is a full semester and is offered every semester (except woodwind).

MED 100 Voice 1 SH

MED 102 Woodwind: Single Reed 1 SH

MED 103 Brass Workshop 1 SH

MED 104 World Music in the Classroom 1 SH
This workshop focuses on authentic music from a variety of cultures, appropriate for use in elementary and middle school settings. Students will learn game-songs, dances, and recreational/social songs and rhythms, as well as accompaniments using traditional instruments.

MED 105 String Workshop 1 SH

MED 106 String: Cello .5 SH

MED 108 Woodwind: Double Reed 1 SH

MED 110 Percussion 1 SH

MED 125, 126 Keyboard Competency I & II .5 SH Each Sem.
Freshman level requirement.

MED 206 Introduction to Music Education 2 SH
For prospective teachers of music, this course covers the history of and present status of music in the schools, examining qualifications of music teachers, state and national music standards, and certification requirements. First-year students will begin exploring aspects of music pedagogy and will observe master teachers in the schools.

MED 225, 226 Keyboard Competency III & IV .5 SH Each Sem.
Sophomore level requirement.

MED 303 Elementary Music Methods (Grades K-6) 3 SH
This course is designed to acquaint students with the field of elementary music education and to provide them with materials, procedures and techniques in music necessary to function in that setting. The relationship between content and method and the developmental characteristics of the learner will be stressed. Prerequisite: Students must meet entrance requirements for admission to professional music ed. program.

MED 316 Arranging 2 SH
A one-semester course designed to equip prospective music teachers with arranging skills to meet the needs and ability levels of school performing groups and classroom situations. Required of all music education majors. Prerequisite: MUS 209 and 211.

MED 318 Music Technology 3 SH
An introduction to the use of computers in music production, music notation, and music education. Basic software and concepts in educational and music technology will be emphasized. Sources, selection, evaluation, creation and implementation of electronic media for the musician and music educator will be covered in this course. Prerequisite: MUS major with junior standing.

MED 320 Student Teaching 12 SH
Each student spends a full semester (70 contact days) observing and teaching in elementary and secondary schools with trained cooperating teachers under the supervision of music education University faculty. The semester is divided into two different placements covering general music and performance areas. Student teaching is full time for one semester. Prerequisite: completion of all levels of theory, piano and professional courses. See Music Department Requirements for Assignment To Student Teaching.

MED 353 Secondary Music Methods (Grades 7-12) 3 SH
This course deals with middle school and senior high school music curricula: general music class, choral and instrumental ensembles, techniques, problems, literature and performance. Prerequisite: MED 303.

MED 380 Music for the Elementary Classroom Teacher 3 SH
Techniques and materials with which the non-music education major may provide musical experience for children in the elementary classroom. Prerequisite: admission to elementary education. Spring semester.

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