Faculty Emeriti

Alberetti, Robert, M.F.A. Professor of Art
Alexander, Gale, M.Ed. Director of Student Center
Allen, Ruth, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Apetz, Elizabeth, M.A., M. Phil. Associate Professor of Philosophy
Ashe Kinney, Georgette, M.S. Professor of Physical Education

Bannister, Jerry, M.A. Professor of Social Sciences
Baubles, Raymond, Ph.D. Professor of English
Beck, Paul, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
Bloomberg, Morton, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
Brannen, Boit L., Ed.D. Professor of Psychology
Brooks, David M. Jr., Ed.D. Associate Professor of Communications & Theatre Arts
Brown, Agnes, Ph.D. Professor of Nursing
Burke, Harold R., Ed.D. Professor of Psychology
Castillo, Raymond, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology
Chipman, Paula, M.S. Associate Professor of Biology
Conley, W. Ranson, Ph.D. Professor of English
Cooper, Phyllis, M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education
Corbett, Ruth, M.A. Director of Research and Grants
Dean, Lilla, M.A. Professor of Nursing
DeStefano, Donald Director of Planning and Engineering
Detzer, David, Ph.D. Professor of History
Dever, John, Ph.D. Professor of Foreign Languages & Literature
Devine, John, Ph.D. Professor of Education and Educational Psychology
Dow, Janet, M.A. Professor of English
Doyle, Thomas, M.A. Professor of Foreign Languages & Literature
Drobish, Robert M.S. . Registrar
Edelstein, David, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Erlich, Michael, Ph.D. Professor of Communications & Theatre Arts
Fischer, Marla, Ph.D. Professor, MIS
Fowler, Louise, M.L.S. Librarian
Fox, Douglas, Ph.D. Professor of Management
Friel, Mary, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Fryer, Russell, Ph.D. Professor of Social Sciences
Geddes, Claire T., M.A. Assistant Professor of Physical Education
Gerber, Linda, Ed.D. Professor of Music
Godel, Edith, Ph.D. Librarian
Golden, Diane M.S. Director of University Publications and Design
Goldstein, Melvin, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology
Golub, Stephanie, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Nursing
Greenwald, H. Jonathan, Ed.D. Professor of Humanistic Studies
Groff, Donald, Ph.D. Professor of Geology
Gross, Solomon, M.A. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
Hall, George, Ed.M. Associate Professor of Education
Hall, Harriet, Ed.M. Associate Professor of Education
Hansen, Arnold R., Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Education
Harnett, Kathryn A., M.A. Assistant Professor of Nursing
Hellmann, Constance, Ph.D. Professor of Communications & Theatre Arts
Hickey-Williams, Catherine, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
Hines, Edward, M.A. Professor of Physical Education
Hoburg, Robert, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics
Huntley, Lawrence, Ph.D. Professor of Music
Hutchinson, Allen C., Ph.D. Professor of Management
Jakabauski, John, M.S.A. Dean of Human Resources Management

Jambeck, Karen, Ph.D. Professor of English
Janick, Herbert, Ph.D. Professor of History
Jensen, Geraldine A., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics
Jones, Richard, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science
Joynt, Daniel, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Kanungo, Kalpataru, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
Kendziorski, Francis, Ph.D. Professor of Physics
King, Bruce, Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics/Computer Science
Kinney, Delmore, M.Ed. Director of Admissions
Klein, Stanley, 6th Year Diploma. Professor of Education
Knapp, Elise, Ph.D. Professor of English
Kreizinger, Jean, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
Kuroski, Veronica, Litt.B. Associate Director of Office of Communications
Lee, Wallace, M.S. Associate Professor of Mathematics
Leopold, John, Ph.D. Professor of History
Leuthauser, Frederic, M.Ed. Vice President of Development & Public Affairs
Linabury, George, Ph.D. Professor of History
Littlefield, Nadine, M.S. Associate Professor of Nursing
Lom, Philip, M.A. Associate Professor of Psychology
Lu, Philip, Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy
Lyman, Jane, B., M.F.A. Professor of English
Mahoney, Kathleen CSU Administrative Assistant
Main, Jean, M.P.A. Director of the Office of Communication
Manochi, Ena CSU Administrative Assistant
McKee, William G., M.A. Associate Dean of Extension Division
McMahon, Rita, Ph.D. Professor of Biology
McNelis, Barbara, Ph.D. Professor of Education
Mennone, Michael, M.M. Professor of Music
Merrer, Robert, Ph.D. CSU Professor/Professor of Chemistry
Mizer, Helen, M.Ed Professor of Nursing
Moryl, Richard H., M.A. Professor of Music
Myhill, Carl S., M.S. Professor of Mathematics
Nemzer, Beatrice, M.S.W. Professor of Social Work
Nicholson, Junis CSU Administrative Assistant
O’Connor, Andrea, Ed.D Professor of Nursing
Olson, Elizabeth, Ed.D. Professor of Nursing
Ostopchuk, Anna, M.A. Assistant Professor of Nursing
Pegolotti, James, Ph.D. Librarian
Posner, Jeanne, Ph.D. Professor of Communications & Theatre Arts
Quinnell, William, M.F.A. Professor, Media Services
Raglan, John C., M.S. Associate Dean of Educational Services
Reilly, Desmond M.C., Ph.D. Professor of Management
Reimold, Richard, M.A. Professor of Communications & Theatre Arts
Retter, James, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing

Roach, James R., Ph.D. President

Roman, Eric, Ph.D. Professor of History & Non-Western Cultures
Rosenberg, Ellen M., Ph.D. Professor of Anthropology
Rosenberg, Edwin A., M.B.A Professor of Mathematics
Rosenthal, Bernard, Ph.D. Professor of Psychology

Ross, Phyllis, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Social Work
Rudner, M. Jack, Ed.D. Dean of Graduate Studies & Extension Services

Sergi, Mary, A.S. Administrative Assistant to the President
Serniak, Peter, M.S. Director of Continuing Education
Shafto, Marjorie, M.D. Director of Health Services
Shaw, Ronald, B.S. Associate V.P. for Public Safety
Shibuya, Ruth, Ph.D. Professor of Health Education
Sholtz, Katherine, M.L.S. Director of Library Services
Skorina, Violet, Ph.D. Associate Professor of English
Stewart, Albert, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Marketing
Stinchfield, Arnold R. Assistant Professor of History
Sullivan, Richard, M.S. Vice President of Finance & Administration
Tax, Harriette, Ph.D. Professor of Nursing
Tedesco, Jeannette, Ph. D. Professor of Health Education
Theisen, George J., M.S. Director of AV/TV Services
Thoren, Donald, B.S. Director of Fiscal Affairs, Controller
Tritter, Henry, M.Ed.. Registrar
Tuvelle, Howard, M.M. Professor of Music
Uricheck, Michael, Ph.D. Professor of Chemistry
Vacha, Kathryn, Ed.D. Professor of Education
Wagner, Neil E., M.S. Dean of Continuing Education
Wahl, Martha Stoessel, M.A. Professor of Mathematics
Wallace, John, M.A. Director of Housing & Auxiliary Activities
Walther, Robert, Associate Director of Institutional Services
Walton, William, M.F.A. Professor of Communications and Theatre Arts
Wells, Joanne, Ph.D. Director of Counseling Center
Westfried, Alex H., Ph.D. Professor of Anthropology & Sociology
Wilds, Constance, M.S. Dean of Student Affairs
Williams, Howard C., Ed.M. Professor of Music
Wohlever, James Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics

Woodcock, Robert, M.A and M.S.N. Associate Professor of Nursing
Yake, Edith, M.A. Associate Professor of Social Sciences
Yocum, Doris, Ph.D. Professor of Philosophy
Young, Kenneth, Ph.D. Professor of History

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