Women's Studies

WS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3 SH
The course will introduce students to the broad variety of scholarship on women throughout the world. The course content includes topics such as: gender, gender roles, and sexuality and power. The course will examine women’s lives through the lens of history, race, class, ethnicity and sexuality. The course may also address: women and work, welfare, family issues, AIDS, violence, reproductive rights, civil rights, communication, health, literature, militarization and welfare.

WS/COM 211 Women, Language and Communication 3 SH
See COM/WS 211. General Education: Humanities/ Fine Arts.

WS/HIS 210 Women in American History 3 SH
See HIS/WS 210

WS/PSY 217 Psychology of Women 3 SH
See PSY/WS 217

WS/ECO 212 Economics of Gender 3 SH
See ECO/WS 212

WS/ANT 236 Culture, Sex & Gender 3 SH
See ANT/WS 236

WS/NUR 250 Women’s Health Issues 3 SH
See NUR/WS 250

WS/HIS 286 Women in Chinese History 3 SH
See HIS/WS 286

WS/JLA 301 Women and Criminal Justice 3 SH
See JLA/WS 301

WS/ANT 314 Native Peoples of the Southwest: Women, Spirituality and Power 3 SH
See ANT/WS 314

WS/HIS 320 Women and Leadership 3 SH
See HIS/WS 320

WS/ENG 334 Women Writers 3 SH
See ENG/WS 334

WS/COM 374 Women and the Media in the U.S. 3 SH
See COM/WS 211. General Education: Humanities/ Fine Arts.

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