School of Arts and Sciences

Dean: Linda Vaden-Goad, Ph.D.

Associate Dean: Katy Wiss, Ph.D.

Administrative Assistant: Maureen Alviti

Secretary: Lisa Taylor-Defalco

Warner Hall 300, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9401
(203) 837-8525 (fax)


Academic Advisement Center

Interim Director of Advising:

   Isabel Carvalho

   (203) 837-8411

   HI 214

Assistant Directors of Advising:

   Dianne Olsen

   (203) 837-8827

   Lisa Peck

   (203) 837-8564

Higgins Hall 214B

(203) 837-8289 FAX



Biology & Environmental Sciences
Chair: Howard Russock, Ph.D.
Science Building 140, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8798
(203) 837-8769 (fax)

Chair: Paula Secondo, Ph.D.
Science Building 323, Midtown campus
(203) 837- 8440
(203) 837- 8769 (fax)

Chair: William Petkanas, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 213c, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8254
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Computer Science
Chair: Rona Gurkewitz, M.S.
HI 018K, Midtown/WS 109, Westside
(203) 837-9362/837-9354
(203) 837-8527 (fax)

Chair: Peter Lyons, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 215, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9040
(203) 837- 8912 (fax)

Chair: Abubaker Saad, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 219, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8480
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

Chair: Josephine Hamer, Ph.D.
Higgins Hall 019, Midtown campus
(203) 837-9347
(203) 837-8769 (fax)

Chair: James Munz, Ph.D.
White Hall 021b, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8782
(203) 837-8526 (fax)

Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology
Chair: Alice Chance, Ph.D.
Science Building 178, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8667
(203) 837- 8320 (fax)

Chair: Nicholas Gallucci, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 316, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8472
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

Social Sciences
Chair: Laurie Weinstein, Ph.D.
Warner Hall 211, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8453
(203) 837-8905 (fax)

World Languages & Literature
Chair: Stacey Alba D. Skar, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 224, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8734
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Mission and Objectives

The School of Arts and Sciences offers 38 major programs and options leading to the bachelor’s degree. Fields of concentration include American studies,astronomy, biology, chemistry, communication, computer science, economics, English, history, mathematics, meteorology, medical technology, political science, professional writing, psychology, sociology/ anthropology, and Spanish. An associate’s degree in the liberal arts is available. Minor programs in every department allow students to follow interests beyond their major, including such interdisciplinary fields as journalism, women’s studies, international studies, multi-cultural studies, and urban studies. The School offers pre-professional programs in a number of fields, including medicine, dentistry, and law.

The School of Arts and Sciences has a three-fold mission:

  • Provide a strong general education for all students at the university and academic support for students in professional programs;
  • Provide bachelor’s and master’s programs of high quality for students who seek a degree in the arts and sciences;
  • Provide lifelong learning opportunities for nontraditional students seeking new knowledge and career skills.

The School of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in the education of every student at the university. It serves students of diverse interests and needs from many different segments of the community. The arts and sciences faculty believe that teaching is an art. Their highest priority is to help students learn.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

Associate in Science

A.S.-Liberal Arts


Bachelor of Arts

BA- American Studies

Option: Applied Studies

Options: Biology
Ecological Science

Options: Biochemistry–ACS Approval

Media Arts
Communication and Human Relations

BA-Computer Science

BA-Contract Major

BA-Earth and Planetary Sciences
Option: Astronomy

Option: Applied Studies

BA-English, American, and Comparative Literature

BA-English-Professional Writing
Options: Business Writing
Creative Writing
General Writing
Journalism & Freelance
Public Relations


Option: Mathematics and Computer Science

BA-Political Science


BA-Social Sciences
Options: Anthropology/Sociology Studies
Family Studies
Global Studies
Multicultural Studies



Bachelor of Science

BS-Contract Major

BS-Medical Technology (Biology)



The School of Arts and Sciences supports the bachelor of science (BS), elementary and secondary education, through course content in the following areas:

Elementary Education Secondary Education
American Studies Biology
Anthropology/Sociology Chemistry
Biology Earth Science
Communications English-Teaching of Literature
English-Comparative Literature English-Teaching of Writing
English-Writing Option History/Social Studies
History/Social Studies Mathematics
Mathematics Social Sciences/History
Political Science Spanish
Social Science  

See School of Professional Studies for more information on education.


Please refer to the department area in this catalog for specific admission procedures and requirements, or contact the Office of University Admissions at (203) 837-9000.

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