African-American Studies

AAS 100 The Black Experience in America 3 SH
This is an interdisciplinary course that examines major historical and contemporary conditions that have contributed to shaping the experiences of black people in America. The course utilizes a variety of original source material in history, literature, art, music, film, sociology and politics in order to understand the thinking of and reaction to African-Americans over nearly 400 years.

AAS/NWC 109 Equatorial African Cultures 3 SH
See NWC/AAS 109.

AAS/NWC 113 Southern African Cultures 3 SH
See NWC/AAS 113.

AAS/ANT 212 Peoples & Cultures of Africa 3 SH
See ANT/AAS 212.

AAS/GEO 251 Africa: A Regional Study 3 SH
See GEO/AAS 251.

AAS/HIS 219 African-American History and Culture 3 SH
See HIS/AAS 219

AAS/HIS 284 Africa: From Antiquity to Colonialism 3 SH
A critical study of the major developments in the history of the continent of Africa from ancient times to the beginning of the colonial era in the nineteenth century. The concept of periodization of African history is heavily stressed. Within this framework, the emphasis is on the three-pronged heritage of African history: traditional (indigenous), semitic (Hebrew and Arabic-Islamic) and European (Christianity, slavery and colonialism). Alternate spring semesters.

AAS/HIS 285 Modern Africa 3 SH
A history of the continent of Africa in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Topics include African response to European penetration (collaboration vs. resistance), theories and practices of colonial rule, ideologies and organizational forms of African nationalism, and problems of development in present-day Africa. The major part of this course will cover twentieth century African history, with emphasis on colonial administration of the African continent, the development of the various African nationalist movements and their struggle for independence. Conditions in independent African states, inter-African relations as well as African relations with the outside world will be emphasized. Alternate spring semesters.

AAS 350 Topics in African-American Studies 3 SH
Arranged around different topics each semester, this course analyzes a significant social, economic, and political event which has shaped African-American life. (A subtitle will indicate the topic to be studied: e.g., the African-American family in history). May be taken no more than twice for academic credit. Prerequisite: AAS 100.

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