Environmental Studies

ENV 100 Environmental Resources 4 SH
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the interdependence of the sciences in the natural world. Using local and regional examples, this course will show environmental management — failures and successes. This course will serve as a foundation to further study should a deeper understanding be desired. Field trips will be scheduled. (3 hrs lecture — 2 hrs lab.) General Education: Lab Science.

ENV/BIO 129 Horticulture 2 SH
See BIO/ENV 129.

ENV/AST 134 Extraterrestrial Environments and Intelligence 4 SH
See AST/ENV 134

ENV/PHY 136 Energy 4 SH
See PHY/ENV 136.

ENV/MTR 162 Air Pollution Sources 4 SH
See MTR/ENV 162.

ENV/CHE 205 Analytical Chemistry Lecture 3 SH
See CHE/ENV 205.

ENV/CHE 206 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 2 SH
See CHE/ENV 206.

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
ENV/BIO 126 Animals and Their Environments
ENV/GEO 150 Urban Environment as a Human Ecological Problem
ENV/BIO 156 Biology of the Environment
ENV/SS 250 Society and Environment

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