GEO 100 Principles of World Geography 3 SH
This course acquaints the student with the extent to which humans are creatures of environment and with the extent to which humans in turn are able to control the forces of nature. A study is made of the influence of climate, topography, soils and other natural resources. Certain cultural areas are analyzed in order to illustrate the influence which geography exerts upon both the material and the nonmaterial aspects of human life. Listed as behavioral and social sciences general education elective. Every semester. General Education: Social Sciences.

GEO/PS 290 Geopolitics in the 21st Century 3 SH
See PS/GEO 290.

GEO 298 Faculty Developed Study 1–6 SH

GEO 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:

GEO/ENV 150 Urban Environment as a Human Ecological Problem
GEO 250 U.S.A. and Canada: A Regional Study
GEO/AAS 251 Africa: A Regional Study
GEO 252 Latin America: A Regional Study
GEO 253 Russia and Euro-Asia: A Regional Study

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