Humanistic Studies

HUM 100 Conceptions of Society 3 SH
Selected readings in authors such as Socrates, Plato, Hobbes, Locke, Marx, Freud and Camus. Emphasis is given to the following topics: the origin and function of the state, the interaction of economic and political systems, the law and freedom, revolution and rebellion, happiness and the state, and the state and history. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 101 Our Relation to Nature 3 SH
The central concern of this course is our relationship to nature primarily as it is understood by several scientific theories and religious conceptions. At the same time, the nature of science and the nature of religion are examined. The assumptions and limitations of these human endeavors are discussed, along with the relationships among science, religion and human values. General Education: Humanities/ Humanistic Studies.

HUM 102 Art and Experience 3 SH
The emphasis in this course is on relating art, literature, music, dance and drama to our lives. The course aims at uncovering the central problems of the arts, the relationship of the arts to our lives, the role of the arts in our society, the kind of arts we have produced and the conditions under which we have produced them, and some of the controlling ideas which have been given expression in our arts. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 110 Moral Issues in Modern Society 3 SH
A critical introduction to some of the major moral issues facing us in modern society. Problems concerning the rights of the individual vs. the limits and obligations of government, sexual morality, and violence and war will be analyzed. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 113 Comparative Religions 3 SH
This course employs a broad humanities approach embracing historical, aesthetic, psychological, philosophical and sociological aspects of religion. Major faiths such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Confuciansim, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will be studied and compared.

HUM 115 Philosophical Issues in Literature 3 SH
A study of central philosophical problems concerning human nature, our relationship to society, and the desire for meaning as found in literature. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 116 The Human Condition 3 SH
Reflection on the human condition as set forth in contemporary images of humanity in selected works of literature, philosophy, psychology and religious thought. Considers the work of important thinkers who have influenced humanity in their quest for an understanding of the self and for meaningful personal and social direction. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 117 Love in Western Civilization 3 SH
A critical examination of major ideas and ideals of love as they have developed throughout Western history. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 119 The Human Adventure: Journeys, Quests and Pilgrimages 3 SH
This course will explore the broad theme of the journey in a variety of readings ranging from mythology and adventure sagas through modern autobiography and spiritual allegories. The emphasis will be on specific humanistic issues, including the search for wisdom, the problem of evil, the vision of progress and the articulation of moral values. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 120 The Search for Meaning in Contemporary America 3 SH
This course will explore the challenges that Americans face in creating a meaningful life and examine a number of possible solutions to this critical life task: narcissism, materialism, romantic love, work and community. General Education: Humanities/Humanistic Studies.

HUM 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH

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