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S. Alba Skar, Chair G. Bakhtiarova M. Vazquez

Adjunct Faculty

S. Moudden

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J. Eynon P. Farina
   R. Ludanyi J. Matranga K. Rolfini-Beckenstein


  The Department of World Languages & Literature creates a strong foundation for learning a variety of languages, both in our courses, and through study abroad opportunities. Major programs in the bachelor of arts degree in Spanish, and education programs in elementary or secondary education with a concentration in Spanish, offer students a curriculum that is balanced between the study of language, cultures, and literary traditions from Spain and Latin America, as well as a greater awareness of the vital connections between global and local Hispanic communities.
   In advanced courses for majors and minors, our curriculum retains the strengths of traditional linguistic analysis, and adds a cutting-edge cultural studies focus to the study of literature and civilizations. Students at all levels develop language proficiency, in addition to critical thinking and problem solving skills, oral communication, and writing abilities, which are all key competencies for a variety of professional careers.



The Department of World Languages & Literature engages students in the study of languages, cultures, and literary traditions. Learning to speak languages of the world opens doors for travel and creates professional opportunities in such diverse fields as education, law, government, international affairs, business, and many others. Courses and programs we offer encourage students to be critical thinking citizens and leaders of local and global communities. Our students learn to view the world from diverse perspectives and to cross borders through effective communication based on an appreciation of cultural diversity.

Degree Programs in World Languages

Bachelor of Arts


Bachelor of Science

Elementary Education: Spanish
Secondary Education: Spanish

Minor Programs


Foreign Language Requirements

All students enrolled in B.A. programs and secondary education majors must fulfill the foreign language requirement in one of the following ways:

1. By completing through the third year of one foreign language in high school with an overall “C” average.

2. By studying a total of three years of two foreign languages in high school with an overall “B” average.

3. By successfully completing a foreign language proficiency examination, or by providing the necessary documentation outlined in the language waiver policy in this catalog.

4. By successfully completing a language immersion experience of one semester abroad. Consult the Department of World Languages and Literature or Western’s International Center.

5. By successfully completing the specified language courses at WCSU. Students may fulfill the foreign language requirement by successfully completing an Introductory II second-semester course in languages offered in the Department of World Languages and Literature, or any one semester of a language course at the intermediate level or above that is taught in the target language, not in English.

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish (B.A.)


Students must complete all general education requirements, the courses and credits listed below and additional free electives to total a minimum of 122 semester hours, including exercise science.

Choose one from below:
SPA 203: Conversation and Composition: Film
SPA 204: Conversation and Composition: Essay

Choose one fom below:
SPA 207: Introduction to Analysis: Fiction
SPA 208: Introduction to Analysis: Poetry

Choose three from below:
SPA 221: Cultures of Spain
SPA 222: Cultures of Spanish America
SPA 224: Trans-Atlantic Hispanic Cultures
SPA 225: Hispanic Cultures: Connecticut

Choose six 300-level literature courses from below:
SPA 320: The Poetry of Spain and Latin America
SPA 330: Representative Authors: Spain
SPA 331: Representative Authors: Spanish America
SPA 336: Theater in Spain and Latin America
SPA 337: Modern Spanish Novel
SPA 360: Readings on The Arts in Spain and Latin America
SPA 361: Gender & Sexuality in Spanish America
SPA 365: Revolution, Testimony, and Memory in Spanish America
SPA 367: Colonial Spanish America
SPA 370: US Latina/Latino Literature
SPA 371: Spanish-Caribbean Identities
SPA 375: The Picaresque in Spanish Literature

One linguistics course:
SPA 400 Linguistics

Choose an elective –– any Spanish course from the 200-, 300- or 400-level

Course Restrictions
For a complete list of prerequisites, corequisites and other restrictions for all courses, please consult the Course Description section of this catalog.


Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education–Spanish (B.S.)

Requirements: See the Department of Education and Educational Psychology within the School of Professional Studies.


Minor in Spanish

Eighteen (18) semester hours of Spanish courses above Spanish 164. Courses in Spanish for Professions (i.e. SPA 170) shall not be accepted for credit for this minor.

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