Theatre Arts


Sal Trapani , Chair
       Berkshire Hall 148, Midtown campus
       (203) 837-8258
       (203) 837-8912 (fax)
Pamela McDaniel , Associate Chair
       Berkshire Hall 135, Midtown campus
       (203) 837-8422
       (203) 837-8912 (fax)
Karen Walsh , Department Secretary
       Berkshire Hall 120b, Midtown campus
       (203) 837-8250
       (203) 837-8912 (fax)


S. Trapani, Chair P. McDaniel, Assoc. Chair
F. Herbert E. Popiel

Adjunct Faculty

M. Hammill A. Jones J. Neuberger
S. Swan E. Toner J. Turey
B. Walton    

The Department of Theater Arts provides a strong theoretical and practical approach to the study of the art and craft of theater. Students who major in theater arts prepare for graduate studies and/or careers directly related to performance, design/technology, management and dramaturgy. Students also combine theater studies with other majors and/or minors such as music, art and media, to enhance work opportunities within the entertainment industry.
      In addition to its academic functions, the department serves the campus and community by offering diverse theatrical performances including, musicals, traditional plays, and plays for children. Connections to the greater theater community are promoted through sponsorship of professional training workshops and performances of guest artists.
      Our proximity to New York City (one hour to mid-town Manhattan) gives us an opportunity to make excellent use of its vast resources. The theater faculty maintains close ties with professional organizations, activities and research facilities within the area, and opportunities are regularly planned to introduce students to the professional environment.

The theater department keeps consistent with the university’s mission to serve as an accessible and responsive intellectual resource for the people and institutions of Connecticut. The theater department provides a thorough, modern education in the theory, skills and technology of ?theater production and performance that is tailored to the individual student’s background and career objectives.

To accomplish this mission the Department of Theater Arts:

• Offers its students the highest quality undergraduate programs in performance, theory, theater technology and design by professors that have worked professionally in their field and maintain high academic credentials in their respective areas.

• Emphasizes performance and production techniques, dramatic theory, writing and theater management throughout the undergraduate curriculum to develop students’ ability to understand and deliver appropriate performance and theoretical concepts and to apply and utilize these techniques in a professional setting.

• Provides studio and theatrical experiences using public and classroom productions to entertain live audiences. Our season each year consists of two main stage productions, two large-scale children’s musicals, studio productions, and a variety of workshops and readings which promote further interest in the university and its programs.

• Organizes a residency of our students in New York for a week to perform off-Broadway, take workshops, visit network television and theatrical venues and meet theater professionals.

• Organizes a bi-annual trip to perform at Edinburgh International Theater Festival in Scotland.

• Provides a personalized learning environment for students through faculty mentored undergraduate research/creative projects and internships.

• Prepares students for graduate education in any area of the theater arts and education.

• Assists students in discerning appropriate careers through diligent advising.

• Provides students with connections and references to professional organizations (such as USITT), internship programs and job placement opportunities.

• Arranges for New York theater professionals to travel to our campus to conduct workshops in all aspects of theater training.

• Provides and fosters the growth and development of faculty by encouraging research, attendance at professional meetings, publication and presentation of scholarly work and creative performance.

• Collaborates with organizations and institutions in all areas of the entertainment industry within the tri-state area to support professional growth of faculty as well as internship opportunities for students.

• Expresses its strong commitment to the community by collaborating with regional elementary, junior and senior high school educators to further our programs in children’s theater.


      Theater Arts Management
      Drama Studies

      Theater Arts


Students must complete all general education requirements, the courses and credits listed below by option and additional free electives to total a minimum of 122 semester hours, including foreign language and exercise science.

Student Standing
Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0, with 2.5 in courses used to satisfy major requirements. Courses with grades lower than “C” will not be accepted as meeting the requirements for the major.

Course Restrictions
For a complete list of prerequisites, corequisites and other restrictions for all courses, please consult the Course Description section of this catalog.

Major Core Requirements (37 SH):
     THR 181 Acting I: An Introduction
     THR 182 Technical Theater I
     THR 202 Technical Theater II
     THR 279 History of Theater
     THR 283 Stage Design or THR 383 Methods of Scenic Art and Craft
     THR 284 Costume & Makeup
     THR 289 Children’s Theater Practicum or THR 390 Play Production
     THR 300 Theater Production Lab –– (1 SH for 7 semesters)
     THR 386 Directing I
     THR 387 Production & Performance Lab
     THR 490 Senior Portfolio –– Theater Arts

Options (select one) –– Required in addition to general education and theater arts core.

Design/Technical Option (15 SH)
     THR 383 Methods of Scenic Art and Craft
     THR 384 Lighting
     Choose 9 SH from the following with no more than 6 SH at 100 level:
     ART 108 Design I
     ART 111 Drawing I
     COM 110 Sight, Sound and Motion
     COM/THR 125 Design for Media
     COM 146 Basic Video Production
     COM 235 Preproduction for Television and Film
     THR 297 Cooperative Education
     THR 390 Play Production (if THR 289 used in Core)
     THR 402 Honors Seminar in Theater Arts

Theater Arts Management Option (15 SH)
     COM 310 Business and Professional Speaking
     MGT 102 Introduction to Business
     MIS 260 Information Systems Concepts
     MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
     Choose 3 SH from the following:
     ACC 201 Financial Accounting
     COM 362 Organizational Communication
     MGT 250 Organizational Behavior
     MGT 251 Human Resources Management
     MKT 310 Consumer Behavior: Concepts, Research Methods, and Application
     MKT 315 Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
     THR 297 Cooperative Education
     THR 402 Honors Seminar in Theater Arts
     WRT 245W Technical Writing

Drama Studies Option (15 SH)
     ENG 307W Shakespeare I
     ENG 308W Shakespeare II
     THR/WRT 244W Playwriting
     Choose 6 SH from the following:
     ENG/COM 372 Film and Literature
     THR 163 Essentials of Oral Interpretation
     THR/ENG 205 Literature for the Stage I (See note)
     THR/ENG 206 Literature for the Stage II (See note)
     THR 297 Cooperative Education
     THR/WRT 346W Advanced Playwriting Workshop
     THR 363 Advanced Oral Interpretation
     THR 402 Honors Seminar in Theater Arts

Note: THR/ENG 205 and THR/ENG 206 are no longer offered. Students in the Drama Studies Option should check with the Theater Arts department chair for appropriate substitutions.

Performance Option (15 SH)
     THR 150 Performance Techniques: Integration of Voice and Movement
     THR 260 Voice and Diction
     THR 281 Acting II:  Characterization, Theory and Practice
     THR 388 Acting III:  Period Styles
     Choose 3 SH from the following:
     THR 201 Creative Dramatics
     THR 252 Acting for the Camera
     THR 285 Body Movement and Mime
     THR 389 Auditioning Techniques for the Actor
     THR 402 Honors Seminar in Theater Arts
     THR 486 Directing II: Styles, Theory and Practice

Minor in Theater
Eighteen (18) semester hours in theater which must include at least 12 semester hours above the 100 level. Emphasis must be on theater arts.

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