American Studies

AS/ENG/HIS/SOC 217 The American Dream: Visions & Revisions 3 SH
An exploration of some components of the “american dream”—intellectual, social, economic and/or political—as these are posited in the following disciplines: literature, art, music, history, political science, sociology, anthropology, and philosophy. The focus in the field of concentration will depend upon the teacher giving the course, but the perspective of the course will be interdisciplinary. Spring semester.

AS/ENG/HIS 400 American Studies Seminar 3 SH
This course allows advanced students to examine—by research and discussion—the question, “What is the central character of America?” This course may be repeated for credit, provided the subject matter is different.  The subject matter will be indicated in its post-colon designation.  Prerequisite: Junior standing.

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