Medical Technology

MET 001 Intro to Medical Technology Non-credit
The purpose of this course is to introduce the freshman medical technology major to the career of medical technology. Included are several field trips to the various sections of the hospital laboratory and discussions with clinical year students, working technologists, laboratory managers and pathologists. Required for medical technology majors and open to other students on a space-available basis. Fall semester.

NOTE: Students in the Medical Technology program must complete their basic studies at WestConn and then apply to an affiliated hospital program for their senior year. All hospital program requirements must be met in order to be accepted and students must complete the year-long program for graduation with the Medical Technology degree. Program courses taken during this final year are taught at the hospital and include the following:

MET 305 Clinical Microbiology 8 SH
The basic techniques for diagnostic clinical microbiology are covered as well as the correlation of individual microbial species with human disease. The course includes an introduction to clinical mycology, parasitology and virology.

MET 310 Hematology 5 SH
This course includes the study of the origin and morphology of blood cells and the performance of tests to evaluate blood composition. The relationship of theory and significance of test results to progress of disease are considered. Hemostasis is also included.

MET 315 Clinical Microscopy 1 SH
Examination of body fluids, including urine and feces, and the correlation of results with clinical findings are studied.

MET 320 Blood Bank and Immunohematology 3 SH
This course is the study of human blood groups, compatibility testing, component therapy and their relation to transfusion. The emphasis is on problem-solving.

MET 325 Clinical Chemistry 3 SH
The biochemical analysis of body fluids in health and disease and the clinical application of test results are included in this course.

MET 330 Special Topics in Medical Technology 2 SH
The student investigates a special area, technique, or topic in medical technology.

MET 335 Immunology and Serology 3 SH
In this course the immune response in health and disease and the use of current immunodiagnostic techniques are studied.

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