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S. Bazan, Chair P. Assenza E. Buccini
M. Chuang J. Dai M. Dugal
L. Forbes  F. Tesch  

Adjunct Faculty

R. Butterly M. Case A. Ciarleglio
R. Giacolone A. Gowen D. Knibbe
M. Monson P. O’Connor A. Palmer
J. Santiago C. Sefton D. Stevens
R. Watson    


The management department’s curriculum is designed to provide the student with the knowledge, skills, and perspectives necessary in managerial and administrative positions in a variety of organizations, both commercial and not-for-profit.

To accomplish this goal, the student’s program includes courses in three areas: the university’s general education requirements to obtain an appreciation of and perspective on the liberal arts and sciences; the business core to obtain a sound knowledge of all functional areas of business organizations as well as the social, economic, and legal environments of organizations; and the courses to provide in-depth study of management.

The management major consists of seven courses. Four of these courses are required of all students who receive a major in management. The remaining three courses form one of three possible options:

  • The human resource management option is offered for those students who want to pursue careers in departments such as human resource management, employee relations, or personnel.
  • The supervisory management option is offered for students seeking management knowledge prerequisite for supervisory positions in industrial, service, retail, and wholesale type organizations.
  • The small business management and entrepreneurial option is offered for students who plan to pursue a career in a small business or who have the goal of starting a small business.


To provide students with the knowledge, perspectives, and competencies necessary to understand and practice management as a generic process in all types of organizations and, thus, to prepare them for future managerial positions.

A 2.3 cumulative grade point average for all courses completed is required in order to receive a baccalaureate degree for a program offered in the ASB, as well as a grade point average of 2.0 or higher in all courses in the major.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Management (B.B.A.)


  • Completion of all general education requirements (see departmental program sheet for specific requirements in some areas).
  • Completion of the business core courses.*
  • Completion of the major in management as listed below:
  • Completion of free electives, including physical education, to total a minimum of 122 semester hours.
  • Fifty percent of course work must be taken in non-business courses. Therefore, at least 16 semester hours of free electives must be in non- business courses.

*Business Core Courses:

FIN 230 Business Statistics
ACC 201 Financial Accounting
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting
MGT 250 Organizational Behavior
MGT 320 Operations Management
MIS 260 Information Systems Concepts
MKT 301 Principles of Marketing
FIN 310 Principles of Finance
JLA 240 Commercial Law or ACC 340 Business Law I (for accounting majors)
MGT 415 Strategic Management
FIN 310 Principles of Finance

Course Restrictions

For a complete list of prerequisites, corequisites and other restrictions for all courses, please consult the Course Description section of this catalog.

Required Courses (12 SH):

    MGT 340 Total Quality Management
    MGT 350 Management Negotiations
    MGT 376 Managing People
    MGT 410 Current Issues In Management

Plus one of the following options:

Small Business & Entrepreneurial Management Option (9 SH)

Intended for students with an interest in starting up or working for a small business. Comprised of the following courses:

    MGT 405 Small Business Entrepreneurship
    MGT 406 Small Business Management

Choose one of the following:

    MGT 377 Supply Chain Management
    MIS 405 Business Applications Using Microcomputers

Supervisory Management Option (9 SH)

Intended for students with an interest in supervision in all types and sizes of organizations. This is the more generic management option.

    MGT 251 Human Resource Management
    MGT 377 Supply Chain Management
    MGT 405 Small Business Entrepreneurship

Human Resources Management Option (9 SH)

Intended for students with an interest in the human resource management functions of an organization, including interviewing, benefits administration, wage and salary administration and employee relations.

    MGT 251 Human Resource Management
    MGT 353 Advanced Human Resource Management: Employee Acquisition
    MGT 354 Advanced Human Resource Management: Employee Development

Learning Outcomes

A graduate of the Management Department’s majors should:

  • Possess a knowledge of the fundamental concepts of management as an organizational process
  • Display the communication skills, both written and oral, used in business and organizational settings
  • Recognize ethical challenges and ethical actions in organizational settings
  • Possess the skills to work effectively in groups and teams
  • Appreciate diversity among individuals as an organizational strength
  • Be capable  of  analyzing  and  correcting  organizational processes

Minor in Management

Admission to the minor requires completion of at least 45 semester hours with a GPA of 2.3; a GPA of 2.3 or better is required in management courses for completion of the minor.


    MGT 250 Organizational Behavior
    MGT 251 Human Resource Management
    MGT 340 Total Quality Management
    MGT 350 Management Negotiations
    MGT 376 Managing People
    MGT 320 Operations Management
    MGT 353 Advanced Human Resource Management: Employee Acquisition

If you are a B.B.A. major, choosing a business minor may require you to take credit hours above the 122 credit minimum required for graduation.

Western at Waterbury

The management department also offers the supervisory management option at Western’s Waterbury program located on the grounds of Naugatuck Valley Community College. Upper-level (junior and senior year) courses are offered at Waterbury. This program generally allows students who have the equivalent of an associate’s degree to finish their Bachelor of Business Administration degree at Waterbury. Courses offered at Waterbury are also open to students taking classes in Danbury.

For more information on this program, contact WCSU at Waterbury, Founders Hall 129, (203) 596-8777.

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