Social Sciences

The social sciences consist of anthropology, economics, geography, political science and sociology. Courses listed under social sciences are department interdisciplinary courses.

SS 100 Introduction to Social Sciences 3 SH
A framework for the systematic study of man in society, using the working concepts of contemporary social science as a basis for understanding organized human behavior. General Education: Social Sciences.

SS 201 Researching Social Issues 3 SH
This course introduces elementary concepts of research as an integral part of the study of one or more selected contemporary social issues. The research methods and skills to be introduced include discerning fact from opinion, the logic of hypothesis testing and the use of library and computer reference tools. Students will be required to write a bibliography, research hypothesis and a statement of the appropriate methodology for the selected social issue topic. SS 201 is required of anthropology-sociology, economics, political science and social sciences majors. Every semester. Prerequisite: Completion of any introductory course in ANT, ECO, PS or SOC with a grade of “C” or higher; WRT 101 or placement into a Writing Intensive (WI) course. General Education: Social Sciences.

SS/GEO 215 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems 3 SH
See GEO/SS 215

SS 297 Internship/Co-op

SS 298 Faculty Developed Study 1–6 SH

SS 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH

SS 300 Quantitative Research Methods in the Social Sciences  3 SH
Designed particularly as an introduction to statistical methods and reasoning in the social sciences, this course will provide orientation to and experience in the application of quantitative research methodology. Data organization, descriptive measures, sampling and population tests for significance, analyses of variance, correlations, regression and choice of appropriate procedures for future research toward the degree in social sciences are all included. Instruction in and use of software specific to social science research design and analysis. Prerequisite: SS 201 with a “C’ grade or higher; MAT 100 or appropriate placement; Junior or Senior standing in a Social Science major.

SS/ED 385 Methods of Teaching in Secondary Schools 3 SH
See ED/SS 385

SS/ED 386 Secondary Education Professional Development School Experience 1 SH
See ED/SS 386

SS 400 Senior Research Thesis   3 SH
Designed to acquaint majors in the social sciences with the range of research methods available in the social sciences, along with a consideration of the fundamental elements of scientific method upon which specific research techniques are based. The student will write an original research paper as the central activity of this seminar. Every semester. Prerequisite: Completion of SS 300 with a “C” grade or higher; completion of a Writing Intensive (WI) course and permission of the department chairperson. Permission should be obtained before registration. Recommended to be completed in the Senior year. General Education: Social Sciences.

SS 401 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution 3 SH
This course examines the two basic models of conflict resolution: the competitive and the collaborative models. Variations of that theme include third party intervention and negotiation paradigms. Conflict resolution styles, strategies, and skills, as well as the theory of managing conflicts in values and needs, are presented, discussed and applied to everyday interpersonal and group differences and disputes. Also explored are ethical, cultural, gender and racial implications of conflict resolution. The goal of the course is to enhance the student’s understanding of and skills in conflict resolution in order to interact more effectively and to solve problems creatively. Fall semester of even-numbered years. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor. With prior adviser approval, course may be taken for graduate credit. General Education: Social Sciences.

SS 402 Mediation: Theory and Practice 3 SH
This course examines the spectrum of third-party intervention, with an emphasis on the theory and practice of mediation. Professional ethics, neutrality and bias are discussed in the context of mediation specifically, and third party intervention, generally. Negotiation paradigms, collective bargaining and mutual gains are presented, discussed and applied to the mediation process. Current theoretical approaches to mediation are discussed, as well as various applications of mediation, which include these topics (among others) of neighborhood, court sanctioned, victim offender, divorce, child custody and housing. Skills and processes used by mediators are illustrated through class role-playing exercises. Learning approaches of this course include lecture, simulations, modeling and practicing mediation. Spring semester of even-numbered years. Prerequisite: SS 401 or permission of the instructor. With prior adviser approval, course may be taken for graduate credit. General Education: Social Sciences.

ED 441 Teaching History and Social Studies in Secondary Schools 3 SH
See ED/SS 441

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
SS 101 Introduction to Third World Development
SS 111 Contemporary Cultures and Societies of Latin America
SS/ENV 250 Society and the Environment
SS 301 Guided Reading in the Social Sciences

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