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Rich Sullivan Speaks Out

Three years ago, we began preliminary discussions about how WestConn would commemorate its Centennial. Those early discussions were marked by three main things: the nostalgia and pride we all felt looking back, the apparent love we all have for this university, and the question of how what we did could be part of a planning process for the future. The more those things were reflected in our discussions, the more convinced we became that our efforts had to contain the above elements. And, of course, funding.

Chairing the PR & Events subcommittee was one of the highlights of my professional career. Our main preoccupation was to make sure Sept. 14 reflected WestConn’s past, showcased our best, and incorporated the wonderful community relationship we have enjoyed with the Greater Danbury community. I believe we achieved that.

In our day-to-day work, we focus mainly on the individual role we each play at WestConn. This process was enriching in that we worked together as a team. During this process, we were not preoccupied with our individual roles. Our main focus was on planning a day filled with pride, nostalgia and family fun. And our collective effort produced what we all enjoyed on Sept. 14.

I have always been proud of my association with WestConn, and never thought I could be more proud. Sept. 14 proved me wrong.

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