Department of Communication & Media Arts

Bachelor of Arts

See the Undergraduate Catalog or your Academic Advisor for lists of all specific requirements. Students must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0, and a 2.5 G.P.A. in courses used to satisfy major requirements. Courses with grades lower than ā€œCā€ will not be accepted as meeting the requirements for the major. That means grades of C- or lower must be repeated to count for the major. Get the help you need to succeed!

Communication Studies
A strong liberal arts approach to understanding many forms of communication. 33 major credits balance the focus in all areas of Communication via core courses and major electives. Program sheet

Media Arts
Focus on either Media Studies or Media Production options. 39 major credits explore media (e.g., film, television, journalism, photography) via core courses and major electives that explore the relationship between media and society as media critics and/or producers. 

Relational Communication
Study of areas requiring application and analysis of interpersonal skills, face-to-face interactions, and small group dynamics. 39 major credits prepare students for careers in social services, businesses, and corporations. Program sheet

Minor in Communication

18 semester hours in communication which must include at least twelve hours above the 100 level. Emphasis may be in communication, relationships, television, or film.


All official requirements are spelled out in the University's Undergraduate Catalog. You can get up-to-date On-line Course Schedule Information and access all of Western's On-line Program Sheets. Please speak with your academic advisor about meeting these requirements.