WCSU Stole of Gratitude

Stole of Gratitude example

Is there a special person — a parent, relative, spouse, sibling, mentor, professor or classmate — who through educational, inspirational, moral or financial support, made a big difference in your academic achievement? The WCSU Stole of Gratitude offers an opportunity to say, “Thanks for helping me succeed.”

The Stole of Gratitude is worn by the graduate during the commencement ceremony. More than one stole may be adorned and worn, each symbolizing a special person destined to receive this recognition. The new graduate presents the stole to his/her designated recipient immediately following the ceremony or on another suitable occasion.

The Stole of Gratitude may be decorated or signed with words of thanks on the front or back of the stole using a permanent fine-tipped marker or fabric marker. Friends and family of the graduate may wish to autograph the stole as well.

Recipients will never forget the pride of receiving such a heartfelt gift of thanks. The fact that the graduate wears the stole during commencement adds a very special element to an already touching gesture.

The Stole of Gratitude is a lasting symbol of love, appreciation and academic accomplishment.

The WCSU Stole of Gratitude can be purchased for $25 each from the Alumni Office located in Old Main 302. Supplies are limited, so make sure to pick up yours today.

Order your stoles online with your academic regalia.
(credit/debit cards only)

For more information about the WCSU Stole of Gratitude, call the Alumni Office at (203) 837-8298.