ITC : Information Technology Committee Meeting Agendas

April, 12 2009

Information Technology Committee Meeting

March 12, 2009, 11:30am-1:00pm, OM304

  1. ITC Membership
    Lorraine Capobianco, Chief Information Officer (ITC Chair)
    Dr. Richard Montague, Chair, MIS (Ancell School of Business Technology Chair)
    Dr. Stephen Wagener, Biology (Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences Technology Chair)
    Dr. Kathleen Hinga, Social Work (School of Professional Studies Technology Chair)
    Dr. Dan Goble, Chair, Music & Music Education (School of Visual & Performing Arts Technology Chair)
    Rona Gurkewitz, Computer Science (Computer Science Department Representative)
    Fred Zarnowski, Director of Information Technology (Director of Information Technology)
    Rebecca Woodward, Director of Media Services (Director of Media Services)
    Veronica Kenausis, Electronic Systems Librarian (Director of Library Services designee)
    Edmund Breitling, President, Student Government Association
    Elizabeth Gugino, Student Representative

  2. Updates/Issues/Questions/Concerns

  3. Student Questions/Needs – Update

    • Microsoft Student Licenses:  Quantities given out to date:

      Office 2007 – 193
      Office 2008 (Mac) – 74
      Windows Vista – 74

    • SGA Officers email: 

      Edmund Breitling
      Ethan Breitling
      Jessica Terranova
      Christina Williams
      Joshua Leslie

    • SGA online election software application
    • Debate Club – 2 wireless laptops
    • Meteorology Club – 4 used desktops/printer
  4. Faculty & Classroom Software
  • WCSU Software Inventory Spreadsheet Draft – updated and needs to be reviewed
  • Technology Classrooms
    • Review and determine a process for re-evaluation of “Responsible Department” column
  • Create a List of Common Practices that faculty and staff need to review.
    One such example, Reminder: faculty and staff, other than UC staff, do not have administrative access on any classroom instructor station.  If you need software installed, plug-ins, etc. you must give UC two weeks notice.  Please come to the ITC with other reminders.
  • Inventory – Faculty & Staff that have more than one machine
    • School technology committees need to verify that those faculty still need more than one machine
    • UC will verify “Other”
  • Faculty Head Counts
    • FY08 Balances
    • FY09 Money
    • Sample of A&S Criteria for Computer Purchases
  • CSUS Email Policy
    Information Security and Disposal – new law, effective 10/1/08
  • ITC Replacement Plan Projects –Summer 2009
  • Information Technology Strategic Plan 2007-2009
    • Check alignment with WestConn’s Strategic Plan
    • Update IT Strategic Plan for 2009-2011
    • Other Agenda Items
  • Spring Semester 2009 Meetings:
      • April 9th, 11:00am-12:30pm
      • May 14th, 11:30am-1:00pm