ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November, 11 2007

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October 11, 2007, 12:30pm-2pm, OM304

Present: Rich Montague, Hugh McCarney, Kit Hinga, Dan Goble, Rona Gurkewitz, Lorraine Capobianco, Fred Zarnowski, Veronica Kenausis, Rebecca Woodward, Ryan Shea, Michael Hebron

Greetings and Introductions:

The committee welcomed the new members and introduced themselves. Ryan Shea, MIS student representative and Michael Hebron, SGA representative were appointed to the ITC. Minutes from the last academic year will be sent to Ryan and Michael.  This year’s minutes are available at, itc committee. Lorraine shared with the committee past accomplishments that were based on student and faculty input. Improvements to the new technology website were a direct result of input.

New Technology Website –

The new technology website was projected for discussion. Lorraine highlighted the significant changes for the committee and asked for their feedback on how to improve it further. Lorraine also asked the ITC members to talk to their schools and areas for feedback on the IT website. How can we make information easier to find. Suggestions/recommendations gathered at the meeting included the following.  Place the software survey link ttp:// on the technology website page; put updates on Active Directory in the “Tech in the Spotlight” box; use “Tech in the Spotlight” for upcoming changes in technology at the university; put technology classroom help sheets on the IT website; list speakers on the technology room grid. Some faculty are having trouble operating the new speakers in the technology classrooms. Ryan Shea suggested sending the directions for the new speakers to all faculty. Lorraine noted that UC will review each technology classroom and make them as consistent as possible. It was noted that individuals, clubs, and groups can request a webpage on WestConn’s website by sending an email to Request University Computing. It was recommended that the availability of webpages be highlighted on the IT website. Lorraine wants to further develop the IT Help Desk part of the technology website. Additional recommendations/suggestions can be emailed to Gail Walsh,

Rich Montague asked if the plan was to implement Active Directory department by department.  Lorraine will get a list of departments that have been moved to Active Directory for the minutes. She stated that the goal is to have all faculty completed by the beginning of December 2007 and everyone else by the first of January 2008. Mike Hebron suggested that signs be put in the labs encouraging students to obtain their W-WCSU-LOCAL account. Rona Gurkewitz noted that when students sign on to the local domain for the first time, it takes awhile to get to their H drive. For students that move to W-WCSU-LOCAL from the WCSU_USER domain, they may experience a lag of up to 30 minutes for migrating their H drive. At some point UC will post signs that force a migration to the active directory accounts. As of now, the default domain for the Clean Access login box is set to WCSU_USER. Students have to manually drop-down to W-WCSU-LOCAL. Lorraine will give more information as it is available.

Lorraine offered to attend an open session with the SGA to talk about technology; questions, concerns, etc.  

University Computing Annual Report – IT Goals for 2007/08

Lorraine distributed the IT Goals for 2007/08 from the University Computing Information Technology Annual Report 2006-2007 to the ITC.

IT Goals for 2007/08

Identify IT projects and priorities to support WestConns Strategic Plan:
actively participate in the IT Strategic Functional Team;
act as the liaison between the  IT Strategic Functional Team and the ITC;
work with the President and Vice-Presidents to integrate and prioritize the projects identified by the IT Strategic Functional Team with the other projects identified by senior management.

Maintain a robust and flexible IT infrastructure:
continue to identify and address “at-risk” issues;
investigate new technologies;
research and implement best practices for an academic environment;
address audit concerns.

Manage within University Computing budgets, always looking for ways to decrease costs and seek out efficiencies:
purchase servers, computers, projectors, toner, cables, etc. in bulk;
collaborate, when appropriate, with sister universities and system office to bundle purchases and write RFPs so that they can be used by all agencies;
explore with career development the establishment of student internships;
continue researching and implementing virtualization;
explore the use of open source software;
keep instructional technologist position vacant for FY08.

Maintain excellent customer service to students, faculty, and staff:
deliver more web-based self-service applications to students, faculty and staff so they can receive identified services from on or off campus;
continue to formalize policies and procedures and make them available on our website; 
enhance user support tools and resources;
deliver training workshops to students, faculty, and staff;
provide, as appropriate, infrastructure support to academic departments so that faculty can spend more time on teaching and learning.

Continue to work with the Information Technology Committee (ITC) to Deliver a    World of Technology:
expand the ITC replacement plan to include projection and create a preventive maintenance plan for projection;
maintain and implement the replacement plan;
upgrade desktop computers, printers, scanners, etc. for faculty and staff ;
act as the University’s eyes and ears to foster communication, input, and feedback;
recommend new technologies and encourage the use of instructional technology;
continue to implement wireless access until full coverage is achieved at both MT and WS.

Provide an Information Technology environment that will build and retain a strong University Computing team:
keep staff motivated and challenged;
work with Human Resources to provide an upward mobility path for staff;
continue to improve communication and customer service within the department;
set realistic individual goals and assist staff in achieving their goals;
fill four vacant full time UC positions.

Improve the IT assessment process:
survey students and faculty on various technology initiatives;
participate in Educause surveys;
establish, with the help of the ITC and Institutional Research and Assessment, a formal IT assessment tool.

Collaborate on system-wide initiatives while representing the needs of our university:
WebCT Vista;
Banner 8 upgrade;
Security Policies and Procedures;
Security Standards Team next steps;
Banner Information Asset Inventory and Risk Assessment Worksheet next steps;
Continue Information Asset Inventory and Risk Assessment for other systems;
Banner Server/Architecture/Manager Groups;
Tk20 Professional Software (act as technical consultants for sister universities);
Email Standardization Team;
WAN Optical Network implementation;
SWAT (Banner Managers);
DBA Team;
Others, as appropriate.

Lorraine asked the committee to share the goals with their respective schools. Are we missing any goals or subgoals? Are some listed not relevant?

Current Base Software Survey –

Lorraine shared with the ITC the requests for software submitted to date. The committee will review all the requests at the December meeting. The target date for all the software to be installed by is Fall 2008. It was recommended to Lorraine that a reminder be sent to all faculty or place a reminder on the IT website in addition to putting the link on the IT webpage. Lorraine also asked for feedback on the directions for the survey. 


As a result of four stolen university laptops, Lorraine discussed the need to tighten security of university technology and sensitive data (Class A). A campaign on security will be implemented to educate the university community. Laptops will be “recalled” in an organized fashion to update security patches and software and for users to sign a responsibility policy and guidelines. A list of the different types of Class A Data was distributed to the ITC. The list is as follows Social Security Number; Tax ID (TIN, EIN); State Employee ID; PIN (Personal Identity Number); Driver’s License Number; Bank Account/Routing Number; Credit Card Number; Date of Birth; Student/Parent salary information; International documents (Visa, etc). People who receive laptops will have to agree not to put Class A Data on hard drives. Lorraine also noted that if Class A Data is placed on USB drives, they will have to be password protected.  For those who have a BlackBerry, a password must be put on them. Additionally, the university will work to put access control on all classrooms and routinely monitor access.

Other Additional Agenda Items

Lorraine advised the ITC that she met with the VPs to review their IT priorities as well as system-wide, infrastructure and CIO projects.  

FY0607 and FY0708 equipment monies have not been bonded.

ITC Meeting Schedule for Fall 2007

The remaining meeting dates for Fall 2007 are November 8th and December 13th.