ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

January, 11 2009

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

December 11, 2008, 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM 304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Rona Gurkewitz, Veronica Kenausis, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Terry Wells, Fred Zarnowski, Dan Goble, Kit Hinga


Two new marketing strategies have been implemented at the university.  Students accepted to WestConn will now receive an email with a link to a podcast with President Schmotter welcoming them to the university.  Secondly, WestConn has a formal presence on FaceBook which is managed by a WestConn team. 

Lorraine reminded the VPs and deans that the color laser printers in their respective offices are also for faculty and staff in their school/area that have a need for higher volume color printing.  The VPs and deans acknowledged this reminder and had no issues sharing.  Faculty/staff who want to use the color laser printer in their area/school would have to use it during the normal work hours of the office where the printer is located.  The SGA will be getting a color laser printer for student use.  Color laser printers are already available in the MTCC, STTC, WSCC, and C4.

Student Questions/Needs

CDs for Microsoft Software At Home for Students are on order and will be available at the Midtown Computer Center and Westside Computer Center.  Students can receive Windows Vista Business Edition, Microsoft Office 2007 Enterprise Edition for PC and Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac.  Students will need to present their student ID and sign a form acknowledging terms, conditions and receipt.  This is being financed through the student technology fee.  Eventually, an electronic agreement and signature will replace the paper form.  

Also, as a reminder, students can download university sponsored anti-virus software from  They will need a valid WestConn 8-digit ID and a 6-digit Banner PIN.

The number of PCs in the MTCC has increased from 44 to 51 and five more PCs are targeted to be installed before the start of the Spring semester. 

The temperature issues in the MTCC and C4 have been addressed.  Maintenance turned on the chillers for these two locations which has lowered the temperature in these areas.

Lorraine asked the ITC to share with students the stress management resources and activities listed on the Finals Week Stress Management poster from Student Affairs.

Lorraine will send an email to faculty next semester asking them to accept two-sided printed materials from students as a cost saving measure to the university. 

Laptop/Desktop – Minimum Specifications

The laptop, desktop and color inkjet we were purchasing are no longer available.  A new desktop model was chosen and the specifications and pricing were sent to the committee before today’s meeting. 
The next laptop and color inkjet will be chosen shortly and the specifications and pricing will be emailed to the ITC before the February meeting.  The ITC will also discuss the minimum standards/specifications for laptops and desktops used at the university. 

Bond Money

The balance of ITC FY08 equipment money will be reserved for emergency use.  Good news—the FY09 equipment money for Desktop Computing and Tech in the Classroom is available.  There is a new and much more involved process for purchases made with FY09 equipment money (CSUS 2020).  The two types of money are now each considered a project.  As such, it must be approved by the System Office if over $10k and then by DPW because it is a project.  Equipment must be ordered earlier and in larger quantities and for a specified use such as classrooms, faculty machines, etc.  Any variance in price requires a change order.  The process requires approval by DPW.  DPW has 30 days to respond to requests but they do not want to prolong the process to purchase equipment any longer than necessary.  Lorraine will submit a request to purchase equipment in January 2009 and she will keep the ITC informed on the status of the order. 

Gail Walsh will email each school technology chair and Veronica Kenausis their respective headcount spreadsheet for their review and approval.

Lorraine will meet with Provost Linder Rinker and Dan Costello to set standards and define what constitutes using CSUS 2020 funds for classroom upgrades.  Many of the costs to upgrade technology classrooms such as whiteboards, chairs, computer tables, lighting, paint, carpeting, etc. have been and are currently funded by the IT budgets.  Using CSUS 2020 funds to cover all items for classroom upgrades can result in other uses for the student technology fee such as student scholarships.


Lorraine and Steve Veillette submitted software inventories and purchases for FY07 and FY08 to Fiscal Affairs for the APA audit.

During the Spring 2009 semester, Lorraine plans on meeting with each department to talk with faculty about the software they are using and the software they need as well as other technologies that they use and need.

EndNote and RefWorks are bibliographic management software applications that were requested by faculty.  Lorraine wants to standardize on one product.  Veronica researched both and distributed the findings to the ITC.  Veronica indicated that we already have EndNote web but will need the client piece if we wish to use the additional functionality.  However, the web product may be sufficient for students to use.  Veronica offered to work on the administrative piece and write instructions with the goal to make an announcement over the intersession.  Veronica also mentioned a freeware alternative to EndNote called Zotero.  After the meeting Veronica sent an email to the ITC with details about Zotero. 

Microsoft Office 2003 needs to be removed from University machines because the dual install with Office 2007 has created issues.  Lorraine will send an email stating that it and other 2003 software will be removed in summer 2009.  Also, Front Page 2003 will be replaced by SharePoint Designer 2007 in summer 2009.  She will send the email to faculty in January 2009 to see if it feasible to do in summer 2009 and to give faculty enough time to order new textbooks if needed.

Intersession Projects

Lorraine reminded the ITC to review the final count of technology classrooms in the replacement plan and the rooms listed in last month’s minutes and to let her know of any discrepancies that they may find.

The conversion to Microsoft Outlook is progressing with 90% of the faculty already converted.  The remainder of the faculty and all of the administrative staff will be converted by the end of January.  Adjunct faculty will use Outlook Web Access (OWA) and UC will run workshops for OWA. 

WH219 music classroom/lab and practice rooms will receive new machines and software.  Equipment upgrades (memory, hard disks) will be done for the video editing classroom/lab and the GIS lab.  The first floor of the Haas and Young libraries will receive new CPUs.  The Cashiers, Registrar, Financial Aid, University Relations, WestConnect and other administrative offices will also receive upgrades/new machines.  The plans for the MIS security lab have been finalized and it should be completed by June or July 2009.  WS103 may be a summer 2009 upgrade as well as all instructor stations.  A point was made that furniture, especially chairs should be looked at.  WH 224/225 has very old desks.  DVD players are still taking up instructor desk space and an alternate solution should be considered.  That will also be looked into.

Lorraine is also looking into setting up internet/email stations around campus.


Instructions on how to access university email on a personal smartphone will be published on the website.  The user will need to agree that the smartphone will have a password and will be reset if there are too many invalid login attempts.  Security is key with university email.

Minutes – Format

The ITC discussed the format of the ITC minutes.  The consensus was that the minutes should be brief, bulleted points and not a detailed transcription.

Next Meeting:  Gail Walsh will email the committee members and ask for their availability in Spring 2009.  The ITC meeting will need to be on Monday, Thursday or Friday.  Tuesday or Wednesday will not be considered because of other regularly scheduled meetings.