ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

June, 14 2009

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

May 14, 2009 11:30am-1:00pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Veronica Kenausis, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Fred Zarnowski, Kit Hinga, Rebecca Woodward, Rona Gurkewitz


  • Lorraine announced the retirements of Fred Zarnowski and Loretta Gentile. That makes 4 frozen vacancies and 2 retirements in UC. 
  • Rich Montague expressed concern that increased enrollments would seriously impact the already overcrowded student labs.
  • Mitch Wagener said that on occasion a technician has indicated to a faculty member that they needed an upgraded machine. With the current lack of equipment money, technicians will now have to be more careful in addressing this issue.
  • Kit Hinga stated that many Professional Studies students can read their email but not respond. Lorraine said this is an issue between Windows Vista / Internet Explorer 7 and the version of Lotus Notes we are running.  Since we are moving students to Live@Edu, we have not been updating Lotus Notes. Patty O’Neill has upgraded all Professional Studies students’ templates which should resolve the problem.
  • Veronica Kenausis indicated there have been issues with some of the library patrons from the Danbury community recently. Lorraine will provide two machines for public use. Kit Hinga said that the Social Work department would get more involved in serving as a liaison to local indigents who are using these services. On another note, Lorraine pointed out that while the library is changing its schedule, the MTCC will maintain its usual hours.

CSUS Email Policy ( )

  • Lorraine distributed and reviewed the CSUS Email Policy which will be in effect August 1, 2009. Email will be the primary communication tool in the CSUS but not the only tool. WestConn will continue to utilize the WestConnduit portal. University email is for university business. The goal is to share a global address lists (GAL) with the other universities so email addresses can easily be looked up and eventually be able to schedule meetings and check for free time. Lorraine will send the policy to everyone by email and U.S. Postal Service mail.


  • Lorraine introduced Live@Edu as the Microsoft Collaboration and Email system that will replace Lotus Notes as the email system for students (and eventually given to alumni). It is hosted by Microsoft and is a lifetime account. The domain will be Students attending June orientation will be given Live@Edu accounts. Eventually, this will save WestConn money in storage and licensing but cost us more in support and training. Three lab assistants may be needed in each lab to support all of the student services now available. No mail will be moved from Lotus Notes but we will provide the students with tools to do it themselves or go to the labs for assistance. Demos of Live@Edu will be done for various constituencies including the SGA and the ITC.

Technology classrooms

  • The process for assigning the responsible department for technology classrooms is being re-evaluated and reviewed.  Special use classrooms such as the science labs in the Science Building must remain with Biology and Chemistry. Music, Computer Science, Art, MIS, and others also have specially equipped classrooms that must remain in their respective departments. It was agreed that every department needs one general-purpose technology classroom assigned to them. The question is what to do about classrooms that can be used by other departments.  Nothing has to be done immediately but Lorraine requested that ITC members have some suggestions when reconvened in the fall.

Summer Projects

  • The major summer projects were listed on the agenda. Lorraine asked that ITC members review and advise if any are missing.
  • A list of academic software upgrades and installations scheduled for summer 2009 was also handed out.


  • Current equipment pricing was handed out.

Next Meeting:  Thursday, September 10, 2009, time to be determined.