ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November, 08 2009

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

October 8, 2009 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (chair), Dan Goble, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Kit Hinga, William Joel, Edmund Breitling, Todd McInerney, Veronica Kenausis

ITC Bylaws – Follow-up

  • The revised bylaws were submitted to the Senate and they have been placed on the agenda for the October 21, 2009 Senate meeting.  Sue Maskel suggested that someone from the ITC attend the Senate meeting in case there are questions.  Kit Hinga is on the Senate and will be present at the meeting. Lorraine Capobianco and Rich Montague said they plan to attend also.  ACTION ITEM:  Gail Walsh will email the revisions to Kit and Rich.

Unfinished ACTION ITEMS from September 10, 2009 Meeting

  • Lorraine requested a report from WestConnect of all technology classrooms that are left unlocked at the end of the day where either the police lock them or they auto lock at 11 pm.  To be discussed at the 11/12/09 ITC meeting. 
  • Lorraine to review the Arts & Sciences criteria for purchasing new computers and printers for faculty.
  • Mitch Wagener and Veronica Kenausis agreed to test free bibliography software and EndNote and do a write-up with recommendation.
  • Veronica and Dan Goble were asked to summarize in a paragraph or two the different types of streaming audio and/or video available for students and faculty at WestConn.
  • Veronica and Rebecca Woodward were asked to prepare a list of questions relating to copyright issues for Theresa O’Brien, Contract Compliance Officer at the SO.

Replacing Old Projection in Technology Classrooms

  • Lorraine distributed a spreadsheet listing each technology classroom and the type and model of projector in the room.  As discussed at the last ITC meeting, there is a total of 25 Sharp 3000 and Sharp 3500 projectors that will be replaced.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine asked the ITC members to let her know which Sharp projectors should be prioritized.     

Machine Installations

  • Rich asked when outstanding machine installations will be done.  Lorraine said probably January/February 2010 because the machines were not ordered to date.  Mitch Wagener said that Jason Esposito and the User Services staff  have been doing a great job in replacing computers, printers as problems occur.  UC currently has six vacant positions and the work continues to increase.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will try to order machines before the next ITC meeting on November 12, 2009.  Lorraine asked the ITC chairs and Veronica to stress to faculty/staff who have been allocated a machine that they be patient about receiving technology and that budget reductions for technology are almost certain.  Bill Joel suggested that Lorraine write a memo also because it would be more effective.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will write a memo (hopefully before 11/12) and share it with the ITC at the 11/12/09 meeting.  Lorraine said that there is a small inventory of new and good used machines available for one or two installs for each school/area for faculty/staff with immediate needs. 
  • Head Counts were completed and sent to school technology chairs and Veronica for review and approval.  Rich Montague and Veronica Kenausis approved their head counts with no revisions.  Mitch Wagener approved the Arts & Sciences with one revision.  Dan Goble and Kit Hinga are waiting for responses from departments within their respective schools before giving approval. ACTION ITEM:  Dan and Kit to finalize head counts for their schools by the next meeting. 
  • FY09 New and Used Machine Allocation Spreadsheets – Gail added the names of faculty and staff who were not on the spreadsheets.  The names of faculty/staff who were added are in blue text. 
  • A summary of machine installations done from FY04 through October 8, 2009 was distributed to each school technology chair at the meeting.  Lorraine asked the school technology chairs to verify as much information as possible and to cross out any machine that faculty/staff don’t have any more.  To assist in the future with this task, Veronica asked that the date be added to the machine label that UC places on each machine.  ACTION ITEM:  Jason Esposito, User Services Manager will have the date added to label.  ACTION ITEMS:  Gail will email each technology chair the summary of installations for their school; and finalize the summary of installations for the Library and email it to Veronica.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will request inventory reports from QueTel from Kevin Koschel. 

Technology Classrooms

  • Mitch Wagener said Psychology requested to be the “Responsible Department” for HA202B.  There were no objections.  ACTION ITEM:  Lorraine will send this recommendation to Provost Linda Rinker.

Faculty and Classroom Software – Update

  • Updated “UC Outstanding Software Requests” and “UC Recent Software Purchases” lists were distributed to the ITC.  Rich Montague requested Adobe Creative Suite for Emilio Collar.  Before SP/10,  the goal is to replace Visual Studio 05 with Visual Studio 08 and to replace Maple 12 with Maple 13.  To date, requests for SharePoint Designer should be complete.  Steve Veillette will offer a workshop  on the transition from FrontPage 2003 to SharePoint Designer.  The workshop will be held in the Instructional Technology Center.  The goal is to remove FrontPage 2003 completely during Summer 2010. 

Instructional Technology Center – Training Workshops for Faculty & Staff

  • Lorraine Capobianco asked the school technology chairs to ask their committees for future topics for workshops.

CSUS Email Policy – Feedback        
Veronica Kenausis said that the InterLibrary Loan system only uses university email.

Future Meetings:  November 12, 2009 and December 10, 2009, 12-1:30pm, OM304.