ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

December, 11 2010

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

November 11, 2010: 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Dan Goble, Kit Hinga, William Joel, Veronica Kenausis, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague, Mitch Wagener, Rebecca Woodward.

Absent : Rona Gurkewitz, Bernard Kokinchak.

Opening :

  • Introduced the newest member of the UC team, Barbara Ras, to the ITC and explained that she will be taking the minutes going forward and helping Gail with all the projects that she does.
  • Took a moment to acknowledge Veterans and thank them.
  • Discussed article in Danbury News regarding WCSU salaries and motives behind the article.

General Issues/Questions/Updates :

  • Lorraine Capobianco is hearing an increasing number of issues regarding pop-ups and malware on computers, causing them to slow down.  She also mentioned how faculty and staff are giving their passwords to phishing emails.   Under no circumstances should anyone give their passwords to ANYONE, even UC staff.  ACTION:  Lorraine mentioned that she will send out an email addressing these issues.
  • University Computing is making progress with Windows 7 and is ready to give out machines (both laptops and desktops) with Windows 7 to faculty.  Desktops have already been given out.  We are waiting for laptops to arrive.
  • About 767 computers are incapable to run Window 7, 924 computers are capable of running with Windows 7; however, many of them need ram upgrade.   More analysis is needed to decide exactly how many should be upgraded.
  • Lorraine ordered replacement black/white printers for the Computer Centers and both Haas/Young Library.  Veronica needs to find a location for the laser printer going in Young Library.  ACTION:  The plan is to install them during intersession.
  • Lorraine would like to do pilots, in Fall 2011, with virtual desktops but UC needs to first setup the VDI (virtual desktop infra-structure).  We will have more information on this at next month’s meeting.  The plan is to try the VDI first in a tech classroom and the 24-hour labs.   This will save both time and money in the long term but requires an upfront expense and people resources.  Another location Lorraine would like to try will be the Library public machines. Lorraine discussed the possibility of going to Quinnipiac University to see how their virtual desktop strategy is working.
  • Bill Joel stated that the Computer Science work room and Media Services WS locations are going well but still have to put locks on doors.  Bill stated that the spiral binder machine disappeared; however Rebecca told him to check rooms 339-340 as it may be in there.  Rebecca will be moving in soon.
  • According to the vendor, WebCheckout for Media Services, installation is complete.  UC is evaluating how to best allow HTTP access to the software.  The goal is to go live with WebCheckout over the intercession.
  • Ives Concert Hall Sound Booth purchases are complete and machine will be replaced over intercession.  Dan Goble needs to move all instruments out of IDF rooms in WH.  UC will clean out the other IDF in White Hall that the Art Department uses for old “stuff”.  This all needs to be done before or by intersession.
  • No updates regarding MIS Info Security Classroom/Lab due to UC departmental illness and WS119 flood.   The next phase of project is dependent on UC.
  • Lorraine asked ITC members if they were aware of any pressing requests for software.  Lorraine received Dora Pinou’s request for Raven Pro.  It has been purchased so that it could hopefully be installed before Spring 2011.
  • Lorraine discussed the spreadsheet called “Report of Technology Classrooms Found Open”, dated 11/11/10.  This spreadsheet lists classrooms found open and unsecured.  She will speak with the repeated offenders listed, but needs ITC help to enforce.
  • At the end of 2012, Blackboard Vista will expire.  Systemwide standards will be developed.  Lorraine and Linda Rinker are looking for three faculty members to join a systemwide Learning Management System (LMS) Committee.  They will need to come up with use scenarios and functional requirements for our next Learning Management System.  Bill Joel expressed his interest to serve on the Committee.   The popular LMS are Blackboard Learn, Moodle, Sakai and Ready2Learn.  An RFP will then be written and evaluated. 
  • WestConn and the other universities need more robust tools for audio/video technology in the classrooms.  A systemwide Instructional Videoconferencing Committee for Unified Communications/ VoIP Project is being formed with representation from each university.  Rebecca expressed her interest to serve on this committee. 
  • Video Editing Classroom/Lab, BR017, will be upgraded to high definition so that the academic discipline can be competitive with other Universities.  UC is building one Mac and one PC prototype for the department to experiment with.  The temperature in BR017 is too hot; therefore, UC is looking at moving the classroom/lab across the hall.  Lorraine asked Rebecca if she can help do the testing on these machines for this room to see if a mixed MAC/PC environment will work.
  • Lorraine has a meeting with Paul Reis next week and will discuss the Production Studio collaboration between Media Services and Communication Department.
  • WA320 projector screen ripped and Jason Esposito is in the process of replacing it.  Not sure how this happened.
  • Lorraine reviewed Capital Projects spreadsheet which covered the entire University.

Library Services Issues/Questions/Updates :

  • Veronica Kenausis stated that 4-5 new public machines (floors 2-5) failed in Haas Library, and one in Young.  She asked if we were having problems with the new PC model in other places.  We are not.
  • Lorraine said that the printer for public machines at Young Library was down due to someone putting a transparency into the machine and it melted.  ACTION:  Veronica will follow up with this issue and speak to appropriate staff.
  • Veronica requested to have all the public computers in Haas Library have the capacity to print to all four laser printers.   ACTION:  Jason Esposito will make the change.
  • Veronica discussed ILLiad is going to be managing the migration from a local server to a hosted server she has already begun this process and will update us at next meeting.
  • The public laser printer at the Young Library will be replaced with a HPS9050.  Veronica has found space for the new laser printer.   ACTION:  Jason Esposito will make this change.

Budget Issues/Questions/Updates :

  • Mitch Wagner asked the status of the HP Workstation for the Incoming Biology Faculty member (Dr. Neeta Connolly – who will start in January, 2011) that required more horsepower for the GIS application.  Lorraine stated that there is no Dean’s budget, so she will have to figure out how we can pay for it.
  • Lorraine passed out ITC machine allocation spreadsheets indicating spending costs for each school and discussed their spending/pricing individually.  Lorraine asked the ITC members to tell their departments not to panic if they have older machines as we have extra’s if needed; however we cannot just upgrade.  To save cost, all printers will slowly be pulled out of offices and put into centralized places.  Print jobs will be released with your WestConnect card.  Jason Esposito will go around to see if printers are working properly before they are just replaced, as indicated on the current spreadsheets.
  • Lorraine will remind the Deans’ that the color laser printers were specifically purchased and installed in each of their respective offices so that their faculty can have access and print color copies.  Therefore faculty should not use printers in the Computer Centers.  They are for student printing. 
  • New bullet Lorraine discussed with Dan Barrett, the Chair of CELT and Faculty Advisement, the idea regarding collaborating with the committee on demonstrating faculty demonstrating ways to reduce and/or eliminate paper usage and printing.  We need to give examples on how other faculty are doing this.  Rebecca stated that if we move forward on this she will be able to create a five minute video online to show examples.
  • Rebecca will write up a Purchase Requisition for Digital Signage and give it to Lorraine.

Closing :

  • Lorraine will email everyone to bring something in for next month’s ITC meeting as it will be a Holiday “Pot Luck” luncheon. 

ITC Meeting Schedule :
      12-1:30pm: OM304 : 12/9/10, 2/10/11, 3/10/11, 4/14/11, 5/12/11