ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

January, 09 2011

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

December 9, 2010 : 12:00pm-1:30pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Dan Goble, Rona Gurkewitz, William Joel, Veronica Kenausis, Mitch Wagener, Rebecca Woodward.

Absent : Kit Hinga, Bernard Kokinchak, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague.


  • The ITC machine allocation spreadsheets were updated and distributed.  Updates include machine installations completed after the last ITC meeting along with each schools/library portion of the additional $50k made available in Desktop money.  Each portion is based on respective headcounts.  As a result, all schools and the library have a positive balance.  Lorraine reviewed the budgets and stated that another $50k could be added next semester and possibly more.  The ITC will need to decide to either use the funds for upgrading classrooms or faculty/staff upgrades.   Lorraine is of the opinion that faculty/staff are in better shape than some of the multi-stationed classrooms in regards to going to Windows 7.  Office 2010, and Exchange 2010, will not be upgraded to the balance of all machines until Summer, 2011. 
  • Dan Goble asked if UC (University Computing) still purchases computers for incoming new faculty members.  Lorraine stated “no” that has stopped due to the budget.  However, if someone has an emergency or a machine breaks, UC will replace it because we cannot leave faculty/staff non-functional. Mitch Wagener said that there is a new person coming onboard in January and wanted to know if her new machine will be ready for the Spring semester.  ACTION:   Lorraine said that her machine has been ordered and estimated arrival is between 1/17/11 and 1/24/11.
  • Lorraine said that the desktops and monitors are in, but we only have three laptops.  Forty laptops are due to arrive 12/22/10.  Projects completed over the intersession will depend upon what equipment is received.  Lorraine said we need to evaluate who needs them or what projects need to be completed over the intersession. If more are needed, it will take at least 60 working days to come in with 2020 money.  Veronica mentioned that the Library has not received new/upgraded computers for approximately two years and they are in desperate need as things are starting to breakdown.  ACTION:  Lorraine asked the school technology chairs and Veronica to make a list prioritizing what is needed and in desperate shape or use the priority column on the spreadsheet and return to Gail.   
  • Lorraine asked Jason to look at each printer allocated on all the ITC machine spreadsheets and then look at what each faculty/staff member currently has to determine whether to proceed with the installation.  For budget reasons, we need cut back this year and more importantly, we need to prepare for cutbacks over the next two years. University Computing will be pulling back printers from Administrative offices first and putting general printers in office areas where everyone can print.  Lorraine has printers on order to do that; however she does not want to pull back too fast because we want to use up all the supplies first.  Jason reviewed the ages of the older printers and he said that there are some printers in use between 5 and 13 years old; however they are functional, and working, and will not need to be replaced.  Lorraine said that if we have the supplies for the older printers and they are working, then they would just let them stay.  By the beginning of February, Lorraine will have a better idea of how long the supplies will last and then we will know how much of the new policy will be implemented. 
  • Veronica asked if UC has an inventory of used laptops and desktops to allocate to faculty/staff instead of new machines.  For example, Jennifer O’Brien’s laptop died and she will need a brand new machine more than someone else who has been allocated a new machine. Lorraine said that there are approximately 30 used desktops.  (Note:  After the meeting, UC located a used laptop, same model, for Jennifer O’Brien.) Out of the 30 used desktops, 20 will go to MIS Information Security Classroom/Lab as they do not need new machines to start.  The other 10 machines are being reserved for computers that breakdown, especially for Administrative offices. ACTION:   Lorraine will have Gail add another column onto the ITC machine allocation spreadsheets stating “possibility for used machine” and the school technology chairs and Veronica can update Gail with information.  In the meantime, UC will see if there are any additional used machines available.  Lorraine’s major concern is to keep people functional.
  • Lorraine is hearing serious concerns from the System Office about the CSUS 2020 money.  There is the possibility that we will skip equipment money for two years and the earliest we would have money could be 2013.   Therefore, we need to be very careful of spending.  We should know more about the budget in February from Governor Dan Malloy.  Additionally, Lorraine said CHEFA Funds might be cut.  CHEFA funds are used for student buildings (resident halls, student centers, parking garages). If this happens, the only money that Lorraine can use for upgrades in those buildings is the Information Technology Fee.
  • UC Westside office had about $100,000 in water damage and replacements/repairs are in progress.  The university’s insurance policy has a $250,000 deductible. The UC OE budget will be exhausted before the end of June.  Lorraine will be reinforcing with the President and VP’s that technology budgets, upgrades, etc. need to be consistent.  The student areas will be addressed first and then the general areas.
  • UC has an inventory of printers that we have in use on campus.  Jason Esposito, UC Services Manager will do an analysis by printer on how much it costs to print one page; that way we can develop a plan of action.  Rona asked if UC can compare it to the cost of making copies from a copier as she prints all her copies from her printer.  All other ITC members agreed.  Dan said that printouts from printers are more reliable and can also be used as a backup if the copiers breakdown.   Lorraine said that faculty and staff state they rather have better printers instead of copiers that continue to jam.   She then said maybe we should remove copiers and just put money to bigger and better printers.  Dan said that there are things that must be copied and logistically it would have to be worked out because students need copy machines.  He also mentioned that there would always be a need for copiers.  Lorraine said that this needs to be analyzed further. Faculty can send materials to the Printshop for copies; however it’s easier said than done because things arise last minute and need to be done immediately.
  • Veronica feels that getting the Pharos printing system should go high up on the project list, as it would save a lot of toner and paper especially in the Library. Veronica said that she would assist with Pharos in the Library.  Lorraine said that Pharos is on the project list but other projects have taken priority.  UC will try to implement Pharos in all the computer centers during intersession or early Spring 2011.   We need to decide to do all the computer centers at the same time so students have the same services campus-wide; or we can try a phased-in approach. UC needs to make sure we have adequate quantities of components/licenses for Pharos. 
  • Dan asked if it is possible to raise the student information technology fee to offset the costs.  Lorraine stated that they could not.  The technology fee is now classified with all other fees.   President Schmotter has committed that we will preserve the technology fee.  Lorraine will work with the Provost and other VP’s to see how the fee should be invested.  The ITC is instrumental in the use of the tech fee.  Lorraine will continue to advocate for technology needed at the university.  Dan asked Lorraine if the ITC Committee could do anything to assure that the Student Tech fee is available into the future.  Mitch also asked if there is something we can lock into regarding the money.  Paul Reis is taking the time to learn what IT is spending their money on.  This is good so that he can represent UC/IT in case Lorraine is unable or not present. 
  • Maintaining a sound and secure infrastructure costs money and we have already spent over $200,000 last year on “end of life” network equipment and upgrades; along with another $400,000 on storage technologies (NetApp SAN) and blade centers.  We need to maintain a current tech infrastructure.
  • The legislature is doing an efficiency study on the Systems Office.  The legislature is looking to our System Office in areas of IT, Purchasing, Finance and HR; and asking if these areas are needed in the System Office.   

ITC Replacement Plan/Projects:

  • Lorraine distributed and reviewed the ITC Replacement Plan with the committee.
  • Dan thanked Steve Veillette for all his research with getting the Ives Concert Hall Sound Booth at 1/3 the cost of what we thought it would be, along with a rebate.
  • The Video Editing Classroom/Lab needs to be completed ahead of schedule because of the need to teach with high definition to keep our students competitive.  The next phase is to meet on Friday, December 10, 2010 and UC will have the two machines ready (Mac and PC) for the faculty to test.  The Mac has Final Cut and Adobe, and the PC has the Creative Suite 5.  Lorraine only bought two for now as she used non-CSUS 2020 money.  Steve and Jason Esposito feel the machines will perform superbly and will go over what we bought and why as they cost a lot of money; however these machines will last for at least 4-5 years because they are so powerful.  UC will also come up with policies for use.  Media Services will also assist. We may swap BR017 and BR019 after checking on air conditioning.  Video Editing Classroom/Lab currently has 15 machines but they want 22 new machines.  We will not start with the 22 because we do not have the money but we want to replace what is currently there.  We also have to make sure that everyone can work well in a mixed environment working with both Mac’s and PC’s.  Rebecca has concerns about working from one machine to another due to the different file types because the software is different.  Lorraine said maybe UC can do 2-3 Mac’s and 15 PC’s so that they still have capability. UC also needs to redo projection in the room.
  • To complete the replacement of instructor station computers project, Waterbury’s machines will be done over the intersession.  These machines were funded by Waterbury.
  • Lorraine listed from the replacement plan the rooms that were done summer 2006 and before.   Then she asked Jason Esposito and the User Services staff how they would prioritize these classrooms/labs in terms of replacing the machines.  This is what they suggested should be done first….
    • 1)SB182 – 5 to 6  machines need to be replaced
    • 2) SB244 – 10 PC’s need to be replaced as Mac’s are already done
    • 3) WS117A – replace all student computers with desktops/monitors
    • 4) WS212 – replace laptops (very small room)
    • 5) WS377B – replace laptops as also a small room
    • 6) WH301 – replace w/ used machines & carpeting needs to be redone
    • 7) BR104 – upgrade computers to 4gb of ram
    • 8) BR105 – upgrade computers to 4gb of ram
    • 9) BR106 – upgrade computers to 4gb of ram
    • 10) WA319 –  really old laptops not even on the network : replace

    Lorraine asked ITC members if they had problems with the recommendations; as we need to see how much money this is going to cost.   Since CSUS 2020 money has to be used for this, it will not come in time for intersession; therefore, it will have to be done during spring break or spring semester.

  • UC bought all new black and white laser printers for computer centers and libraries.  UC plans to do the installations during intersession.   UC still has to evaluate the color printers for replacement.
  • The projector project is coming to an end as UC now replaced all projectors from 2005 and previous years.  Lorraine stated that she spoke with Jason Esposito and he informed her that North American Theatrix has completed 27 of the 28 projector installs in the classrooms.  This work replaced the Sharp 3000, 3500, and P20 projectors that have been in service for 9 or more years.  We certainly got our money out of those projectors.  Once that is complete, we will be up to the point where the next projectors to be replaced reside in the Science Building. The Science Building projectors have been in service for 5 years.  There are still approximately 10 to 12 additional projectors remaining that need to be replaced by Andy and Carl on our maintenance staff.
  • Dan asked Lorraine what Terry Wells needed done with WH305.  Lorraine stated that he wants Creative Suite 5 on all the machines for the spring semester.  Steve Veillette is getting a quote, so we can do the upgrade.
  • Rona asked if we could reuse the laptops for WS212.  Lorraine stated that they would not run properly as they can only be upgraded to 2gb.    Rona then asked it is feasible to have Linux virtually put on all machines.   Lorraine will have to ask because the original plan was not going to work well and she will need to speak with her staff and regroup with Computer Science.  There are a lot of systemwide projects  going on right now and taking up 50% of UC’s time; mainly the VoIP research and the network infrastructure to support VoIP.  

Closing :
Everyone have a Happy Holiday and we will resume in the new year on February 10, 2011.

ITC Meeting Schedule :
            OM304 Conference Room
            2/10/11, 3/10/11, 4/14/11, 5/12/11