ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

March, 10 2011

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

February 10, 2011, 11:30pm-1pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Dan Goble, William Joel, Veronica Kenausis, Mitch Wagener, Rebecca Woodward, Kit Hinga, Bernard Kokinchak, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague

Meeting Schedule Change:

  • For the remainder of the semester, the ITC will meet from 11:00am to 12:30pm in OM304.
  • Lorraine discussed Governor Dannel Malloy’s plan to overhaul higher education.  The core elements of Governor Malloy’s reorganization plan are:
  1. Eliminate the boards for the Connecticut State University System, the community colleges, Charter Oak State College and the Board of Governors for Higher Education and combine their authority into one Board of Regents for Higher Education.
  2. Consolidate the central offices of CSU and the community college system and the management of DHE and Charter Oak State College into one office reporting to one CEO.
  3. Direct the Board of Regents and CEO to develop a strategic plan with public and stakeholder participation to increase Connecticut’s educational attainment.
  4. Direct the Board of Regents to develop a formula to distribute taxpayer support to campuses on the basis of enrollment, attainment of identified policy goals and other factors.
  5. Require the Board to develop annual reports on:
           a. Student outcomes such as retention and graduation;
           b. Financial issues including allocation of resources across functions (education, administration, etc.), analysis of costs and revenues on an academic program basis, and an affordability index based on median Connecticut family household income;
           c. Enrollment and completions on a program basis;
           d. Transfer of credits across institutions; and
           e. Employment and earning outcomes of graduates (in partnership with the state Department of Labor). 
    Minnesota is a comparable system to the one Governor Malloy has proposed. The University of Minnesota, like the University of Connecticut, will remain separate, while other public two- and four-year schools have a combined governance system.
  • Governor Malloy will present his budget proposal on February 16th at noon.
  • Chancellor Carter is retiring March 1st and Louise Feroe, Sr. Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs will be Acting-Chancellor. 
  • Budgets/Spreadsheets

    • The ITC machine allocation spreadsheets were updated and distributed.  Updates include machine installations completed after the last ITC meeting along with each schools/library portion of the additional $75k made available in Desktop money.  Each portion is based on respective headcounts.  The  machines slated installations are in and Lorraine will meet with Jason Esposito and turn the lists over to him.  ACTION: If the school technology chairs and Veronica have a priority order for their installs, they were asked to email their list to Gail Walsh.  Otherwise, a few installs will be done from each school in an equitable fashion. Lorraine stated in the current budget there is no justification for anyone to receive two machines.  To clarify, if a faculty member has been allocated a computer, when the new machine is installed, they need to return the computer that is being replaced. 
    • As discussed at the last meeting, printer allocations on the ITC spreadsheets will not be automatically replaced. Lorraine read the list of allocated printers and identified the older printers that should be replaced and the newer models that should not be replaced. The older printers will be replaced once the supplies for them have been depleted.  If, in the meantime, one of these printers breaks down before the supplies run out, and depending upon when the policy to place printers in group areas is instituted, the printer will be replaced.  Exceptions do exist and will be considered and addressed. 
    • Additionally, the university had to develop strategies to reduce operating expenses by 5%, 10%, 15%, and 20% but we think the reduction will more likely be 10-15%.  Printing is a large operating expense for the university. The cost of printer supplies/consumables needs to be reduced by at least $50,000 for FY11.  Lorraine will be discussing the cost-saving university initiative to strategically place larger printers in convenient locations and removing office printers.  It will work much like the copy machines.  The following information is from Administrative Services.   The University consumes a magnitude of 9M pieces of copy paper annually at a cost of approximately $75,000. We spend approximately $150,000 per year , for leasing, supplies and service for the 70 copiers.  The actual cost per copy is based on the individual copier agreement and volumes. The costs for black/white copies range  from .01582  to .03052 per copy for standard copies.  This does not include labor, electric or overhead costs.  Toner and service are included in the above costs.  The actual cost per 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper is .00642.  For printers, the smaller and multifunction printers that are in offices are the most expensive to operate.  Depending on black/white or color printing, the costs range from $.034/page to $.08/page.  Those printers we will target first to remove.  The larger black/white laser printers average $.009/page and the color laser printers average $.045/page.  As a university, we need to be creative and look at ways of reducing print and copier usage and costs. 
    • Pharos print management system will provide another cost savings in printing once implemented.  Based on information from our sister universities, the savings have been approximately 30 to 40%.  Individuals use release stations to print what they send to the printer.  This will facilitate a confidential print environment.  Lorraine asked the ITC members to discuss with other staff and faculty creative ways to save money at the university. 
    • Lorraine said that WestConn currently does not have the systems in place to become predominately a paperless university.  The electronic approval of CUCAS curriculum develop proposals is a SharePoint model that eliminates the need to print large amounts of copies.  The same type of electronic approval process can be developed for add/drops and overrides.  Lorraine asked the ITC members for suggestions for other processes that would be appropriate for electronic approval and workflow.  As a university, we need to look at a document imaging and repository system.  It is a multi-year expense and human resource effort.  UC (University Computing) is receiving more and more help desk calls because people are trying to use scanners and file shares which are not designed for an imaging solution.  Lorraine will talk to the President and Vice Presidents about university-wide IT initiatives. 


    • Nancy Daubenspeck, DBA an internal candidate from SCSU was  hired to fill our vacant DBA position.  Nancy will start February 25th. 
    • Requests for tech support are on the rise and an exerted effort to address outstanding work orders will be made next week.
    • WS119 UC staff have been temporarily relocated to OM303 until renovations needed due to flooding are complete.  
    • Windows 7 – UC is the in process of testing software.  The student computer centers will be done first because most of all the software at the university is installed on the computers in the computer centers and they have the equipment that can support Windows 7. 
    • HP8000 Elite USDT’s (Ultra Small Desktops) have been ordered which has a smaller CPU without losing functionality.  This solution will be used to replace computers (laptops/desktops) in smaller multistation classrooms especially in the Westside Classroom Building.
    • ILLiad migration from a local server to a hosted server is being done today.  In order to move to the next version, we needed to be on completely different server.
    • Initial changes to WestConn’s website is up and running.  Much work went into making the changes and many of the changes were based on market research on successful websites.  Input gathered over the past year was used and direction from President Schmotter.  The President wants the website to emphasize future students.  Many good suggestions were discussed and Lorraine asked the ITC to submit suggestions via the website.

    ITC Meeting Schedule :

    • 3/10/11, 4/14/11, 5/12/11, 11:00am – 12:30pm, OM304 Conference Room