ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

March, 09 2012

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

February 9, 2012, 12pm-1pm, OM304

Present: Lorraine Capobianco (Chair), Mitch Wagener, Todd McInerney, Rich Montague, Rona Gurkewitz, Terry Wells, Veronica Kenausis, Kit Hinga, Rebecca Woodward

Projects In Process – Update

  • Haas 413 is complete. UC (University Computing) installed new machines with Windows 7 during the intersession.   
  • WS212 is complete.  UC installed new laptops during the intersession.
  • MIS Information Security Classroom/Lab WS128 is complete and is ready for the MIS faculty. 

ITC Machine Allocation Spreadsheets & Budgets

  • School/area machine allocation spreadsheets were distributed to each school technology chair and Veronica.  As discussed in the past, all faculty and staff computers that either need ram or if they need a new computer to be upgraded to Windows 7, the individual will receive one or the other regardless of the funds allocated to their respective school/area.  In the interim, the amounts (costs) for technology were temporarily removed from the spreadsheets.  Once the costs for the technology have been re-calculated, the amounts that will be re-entered on the spreadsheets. 
  • There is CSUS2020 money for FY12 and FY13 but not for FY14.  Lorraine mentioned that the Provost received a second allocation of CSUS2020 money ($100K).
  • Fall 2011 CSUS2020 Academic Requests –Terry Wells asked about the status of the Art Department’s requests for a Nikon Coolscan 9000 scanner and an Expression Photo flatbed.  A work order for the Nikon Coolscan will be created to have it installed. (This was done after the meeting.  Terry Wells needs to identify the location.) The request for the Expression Photo scanner was submitted to DPW and we are awaiting approval.  The Math and Social Sciences departments requested color printers.  Paul Reis, VPFA , Jane Gates, VPAA/Provost and Lorraine are evaluating printing solutions for the university.  An Epson color 36” wide printer that University Publication and Design is no longer using is being repurposed for students. UC had the printer serviced and supplies have been purchased.  The printer will be located in the STTC and therefore, can be used by departments/areas that have a need to print on 36” wide paper.  University Computing is targeting mid-February to have a procedure in place and then the printer will be available for use.  Lorraine explained to the Vice Presidents that requests for technology should be routed their school technology committee.  The school technology chair can then bring it to the ITC. In this particular instance, through discussion, the ITC committee recognized that several additional departments, Ancell, Art Department, and Biology, also have a need to use this type of printer.  A solution was identified at no additional cost to the university and will satisfy multiple department needs.  


  • Lorraine distributed a draft list of university software to the ITC.  Visual Studio and McAfee were added to the list at the meeting and the revised version of the list is attached to these minutes.  Lorraine will add comments and questions to the list and email it to the departments, asking that they provide their feedback to their school technology chairperson.  The ITC wants to know from faculty what software they are using so that it can be added to the list and if the format of the list is clear.   
  • We are in a mixed environment with Window computers as there are different versions of Windows on campus. Until all machines have Windows 7, we will adhere to following strategy. New software will not be deployed to machines that have Windows XP. New software will be available through Citrix.  New software will be deployed to Windows 7 machines.  If a newer version of software becomes available, the newer version and the current version will be available through Citrix.   Instructions on how to access software through Citrix is on the last page of the software list. 
  • The goal is have the list reflect all of the software available at the university and to differentiate department specific software.  With that in place, the university may use the list for recruiting faculty and students as well as other purposes.
  • Lorraine reviewed a number of open software work orders in Track-It! to familiarize the ITC members with them.

Other Requests

  • Lorraine reviewed the request submitted by the Accounting Department to have the desktop computers replaced with laptops as they “impede effective teaching in WS377b classroom.” We need to see if we can move this room to a larger classroom.  

SMART Boards

  • Lorraine wants to have one of the SMART Boards that was purchased by the university installed in the back section of the Westside Computer Center 117 for faculty to use. Lorraine received a request from Becky Hall for math software for SMART board.

Board of Regents – ConnSCU (Connecticut State Colleges and Universities)

  • Lorraine briefly reviewed the new organizational structure of the ConnSCU governed by the Board of Regents.

ITC Meeting Schedule:

  • Next Meeting: 3/8/12. Lorraine will be available from 11:30am to noon and from 1pm-1:30pm for individual questions.