ITC : Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

January, 11 2013

Information Technology Committee (ITC) Minutes

Thursday, 12/11/12, OM 304, 12-1:30p

Present: Thomas DeChiaro (Chair), Mitch Wagener,  Rich Montague, Rona Gurkewitz, Veronica Kenausis, Kit Hinga, Rebecca Woodward

  1. Introductions: Tom DeChiaro , new CIO for UC and discussed his background . Committee made introductions and  explained background expertise and University roles.
  2. Approval of minutes from last two meetings:
    Minutes approved with minimal corrections. Minutes will be posted on the web.
  3. Project Updates:
  • WCSU Password Rollout – Jeff Postolowski  presented power point to committee.

    Current policy of password for all users is to change password every 60 days. University upcoming announcement will be  out  shortly with upcoming changes and new requirements.
    Target date is January 1, 2013. Jeff requested extension of grace period of Password Reset.  Industry is moving in this direction.  Tom recommended Jeff to plan on process before making decisions.

  • Microsoft  Office 365
  • Jeff also reviewed Office 365 Migration Overview with committee. Office 365 will give faculty integration into Blackboard Learn.
    This will include a timed roll out, an on campus presence of Microsoft which will showcase value of services for students, free funding provided by Microsoft. In contract – Students will have full access and faculty will be getting link access for integration into Blackboard.
  • Review of ITC Committee roles/mission statement.

    Tom reviewed current bylaws  and members explained current roles.

  • Upcoming initiatives for ITC – expansion of team members:

    Tom is looking at new construct for committee. Scope, expectations will be clearer to increase effectiveness and working with President. When new initiative is developed – Tom suggests having an owner /lead  then working as a group to get projects on board. Upcoming initiatives to be discussed further during next ITC meeting.  Team agrees University wants to see more open communications with University Computing department.

  • Comments/Suggestions:
    Discussion of how Department Chairs will allocate computer needs for faculty and staff.
    Tom C would like to have Chairs think about a planning cycle to be developed in spring .
    Tom C would like to see ITC as an investment Review Board – looking at projects and prioritizing. Suggested adding a team member from finance . Team suggests a grants officer  being added to the team for expansion.

    Other suggestions:
    William Joel would like committee to look into using Skype In the  case that committee members cannot physical come in but would like to participate off site. Mike Lynch will be contacted to see what options are possible.

    Tom officially changed UC policy to have Departments use grant money without getting CIO approval.

    Rebecca would like UC to look at changing current Administrative Rights for Staff. Tom to look into.

    Next proposed Meeting date 1/17/13.