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The following is a partial list of the projects that the Roots & Shoots Club is involved with here at WestConn, check back frequently because the list is always growing!
Let the Jane Goodall Institute know what your Roots & Shoots group is up to, submit an Activity Report
bullet Tanzanian Wheelchair Project - This is a project started by Dr. Rick Asselta to buy wheelchairs for disabled people in Tanzania, Africa.  WestConn and many Roots & Shoots groups have purchased over 130 so far. 
bullet Newman's Own Organic Chocolate Bars - Thanks to our intern Veronica, Newman's has donated 500 organic chocolate bars to the WestConn Roots & Shoots Club.  This donation will help the club start selling them the first week in December.
bulletStarting Roots & Shoots Groups in Schools - One of our big priorities is to help university students volunteer with local area elementary or high schools to begin Roots & Shoots groups or just to help them with projects. 
bullet Wolf Conservation Center - We have partnered with the wolf conservation center located in South Salem, New York (borders Ridgefield, CT) and are volunteering with the wolves.
bulletMicro-Loans for women - Last semester we were successful in raising money for five $40 loans to women in third world countries.  As little as this money sounds like it can change the lives of a woman, her family and the community in which she lives.  We will be raising money through the sale of chocolate bars among other events.
bulletTanzanian High School Scholarships - Last semester we were able to raise enough money for two girls in Tanzania, Africa to finish their last two years of high school.  It costs $125 per year, per person to attend high school.  Because the annual estimated annual salary of a Tanzanian is $700 this fee is many times too much for a family to pay. We will be raising money through the sale of chocolate bars among other events.
To find out how you can be a part of Roots & Shoots here at WestConn or in your own local group, please contact us anytime.