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Western Connecticut State University
Roots And Shoots -
Photo Gallery!

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 Roots & Shoots University Summit, February 2006
"Green Campus Initiative Through Roots & Shoots"
  More coming soon!  
Bear Search And Rescue Dog Day - Sep. 2005:

Bear the Search & Rescue Dog

Al & Seeing Eye Pony

Rick & Catherine Fox
Grace with service dogs

Jane, Rick & kids

Early Morning Veronica

War Dogs

The Intrepid

Nelly & Roberta Goldberg
East Coast Roots & Shoots Summit 2005:
East Coast Summit, EcoTeam, Warren Wilson College Demonstration:
East Coast Summit, Visit to Wolf Conservation Center:
Honor Your Mother The Earth Day - May, 2005:

Kevin at our Booth

Rob & Jen


Recycled Peace Dove Making

Seeing Eye Dogs

Enchanted Garden

Dr. Laurie Weinstein & Tibetan Prayer Flags

Tree Giveaway

Face Painting
Grace, Vivian & Grace's Mom, The Master Gardener

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