Education : Doctor of Education in Instructional Leadership (EDD)

In their own words

Our students constantly affirm their appreciation for their experiences in the doctoral program. Here are some of their thoughts about the opportunities they are afforded:

The program was extremely beneficial for me as a leader and a researcher. The coursework was not only applicable and rigorous, but also provided direct connections to the workplace.  The faculty presented material in a challenging way, but also provided support when needed.  I have been able to use so much in this program in my current role as an instructional leader.  The program has provided me with many new skills necessary for success as a leader.  The success of this program is attributed to the dedicated faculty and the cohort model, which provides students with opportunities to collaborate on ideas, projects, and research. Dr. Christopher Longo, Cohort 3

As a lifelong learner and educator, I found the program as the vehicle to develop my leadership skills and knowledge. The program was challenging, yet doable. I learned how to stretch beyond my comfort zone and grow as a leader as I collaborate with my classmates and as I work closely with the faculty. The faculty’s leadership contributes to the success of the program for me and many others. Reine Issa, Cohort 4

The WCSU doctoral program in instructional leadership combines high quality instruction with engaging coursework and a personable staff.  The best part about the program is the people – the other students, the alumni and the professors.  The workload is extremely challenging but absolutely manageable.  The professors want to see everyone be successful so they are happy to work with students to create the most positive environment possible.  We have had people with very busy professional and personal lives successfully complete the program – so if we can do it, so can you! All of the readings and assignments can be related to teaching and administrative jobs so you truly feel that you are doing authentic, real world learning not just busy work.  I highly recommend the program to anyone interested in furthering their education and themselves.  Jessica Galbraith, Cohort 4