Enviromental, Health and Safety



The EHS branch of Facilities is dedicated to keeping our community healthy and safe. We support all educational activities, in the classroom, the laboratory and the studio, while minimizing our environmental impact.

We provide a wide variety of services including administration of life safety, fire notification and protection systems, management of hazardous materials and waste, evaluation of ergonomic inquiries, assessment of indoor air quality and industrial hygiene concerns and design and delivery of EHS education and training programs. Because of the nature of our business, we are also intimately involved with emergency management and response.

We share our knowledge and expertise not just with the students, faculty and staff that comprise our University community, but we also provide outreach programs to the local High Schools and Emergency Service providers.

If you would like to learn more about our EHS department please contact me and/or schedule an appointment.

Pano Koukopoulos, MA, CET, CHMM
Director, EHS

Pano Koukopoulos,

Director, EHS
Facilities Operations
Phone (203) 837-9352
Fax (203) 837-8778

Please read the Maintenance Direct requestors’ User Guide before accessing the system and generating work orders. For immediate service, please contact Bill McDevitt at (203) 837-8425 during business hours. After hours, please contact the university police department at (203) 837-9300.