Upcoming Events and Newsletter

Upcoming Events


January 15
Martin Luther King Holiday – University Closed

January 17
First Day of Classes for Spring 2018

January 24
First Honors Council Meeting

January 25
HSOC’s Welcome Back Game Night in Pinney Hall at 6PM -10PM

February 1
Enhancements Due in Honors Office and Registrar’s by 3PM

February 9
HSOC’s Badminton Tournament (pending)

February 23
HSOC’s Midterm Madness Movie Night (pending)

March 23/24
HSOC’s NYC Trip to American Museum of Natural History (pending)

April 2
Tentative Registration Date for Fall 2017

April 2
WCSU’s Accepted Student’s Day

April 20
WCSU’s Western Day of Service

May 5
Kathwari Honors Program Graduation Ceremony