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Danbury Garden Club visits WCSU Weather Center

The Danbury Garden Club is a longtime supporter of Western’s science programs. A scholarship donor since 2007, the club’s members typically select a student pursuing science studies for its annual scholarship. This year members were eager to have the opportunity to tour the Weather Center and meet with students majoring in earth science.

Founded by Director Emeritus of Meteorological Studies Dr. Mel Goldstein, the Weather Center is a state-of-the-art educational and broadcasting program, where students map developing weather systems, study the influence of ocean currents on global rainfall, track the progress of storms on radar and satellite, and discover how weather predictions are made.

Gary Lessor, assistant director of the Weather Center, explained the program and answered several questions posed by more than 20 Garden Club members and their guests. “The club members gave a boost to our students by letting them know that there are people in the community who dedicate themselves to helping students at Western.”

Kerri Copello, one of several students participating in the tour, explained weather broadcasting to the group. Copello, a recent graduate, hopes “to settle into a news station and forecast weather on television. After a few years, my plan is to go to grad school and work on a master's degree in secondary education focused on earth science.”

Judy Weiss, chair of the club’s scholarship committee, said: “The student presentations were excellent, particularly the sample weather forecast in front of the green screen.  The experience was topped off by the friendly welcome and delicious assortment of food at the picnic after the tour.”

For more information about the Weather Center and to take a tour, please contact Gary Lessor at or (203) 837-8552. For more information about the Danbury Garden Club, visit

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