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New Members' Profile: Gerard and Martha Robilotti

Newtown resident Gerard Robilotti and his wife Martha are strong believers in Western and its ever-growing presence in the community. Robilotti, who runs a consulting business, is retired from Danbury Hospital, where he held positions including president of the hospital and executive vice president of Danbury Health Systems. An active member of the Western community, Robilotti has been a member of the WCSU Foundation Inc. board of directors for the better of 20 years and served as its chairman in 2000.
“I strongly believe in the mission of Western and I have seen it grow in academic excellence during my 20-year association and have always been impressed with the quality of faculty and administration and their dedication to students,” Robilotti said.
Robilotti, whose consulting business focuses on healthcare institutions, organization and higher education, said that he has seen directly the impact that Western has had on the community — especially with respect to healthcare. One of his responsibilities at Danbury Hospital was setting up an education affiliation with Western, one that has continued to expand over the years.
“We began to develop a strong relationship with Western because we felt the healthcare programs and those graduates would be an important resource for Danbury Hospital,” he said. “It was a very important relationship, primarily in nursing.”
A new member of the university President’s Club, Robilotti said he and his wife wanted to make sure their contribution could be used where it would most benefit students directly. “As far as giving back to the community, I think people need to make decisions regarding what organizations they can support and I think that Western is a very important part of the community.”

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