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Student scholars take advantage of Alumni Association opportunities

Amanda Daley knows how important a helping hand can be to achieving academic success – and she aims to make the most of her Alumni Association Scholarship Award for the 2011-12 academic year.

“I take pride in my education, and I consider my superb education at WCSU to be well worth the cost,” remarked Daley, a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing. “This scholarship assists me in reaching my education goals by helping to offset some of the financial burden that comes along with a great education.“

Daley shares her own academic gifts with her student peers throughout the year as an academic resource mentor (ARM) at Pinney Hall. She takes an active role in advancing outreach activities in Western’s acclaimed nursing program as a volunteer coordinator for the Student Nurses’ Association.

She has made an important contribution to providing a positive campus environment for students’ academic and personal development as president of the WCSU Student Center/Campus Center Board. She also serves as a building manager at the Student Center on the Midtown campus and at the Westside Campus Center.

Daley’s goal is to build on the strong foundation in nursing she has gained at Western to pursue a professional career in the field of pediatric oncology.  Her dream is to become an oncology nurse at St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis (Tenn.), internationally recognized for its leadership in pediatric oncology treatment and research.

From her experiences as a student and as a beneficiary of the Alumni Association Scholarship, Daley will leave Western with a determination to continue making a difference as an alumna.

“Alumni have a large role to play in WCSU’s future development,” she said. “Alumni have ‘been there, done that’ — they have lived the life of a college student, whether it was two years ago or 50 years ago. They can help set the tone for future generations because they have a thorough understanding of what does and doesn’t work in the academic community. By providing these scholarships, the Alumni Association benefits the entire community by encouraging further academic progress.”

Amanda Nagurney realizes that her dream of becoming a math teacher might well have been beyond her reach without support from the 2011-12 May Sherwood Scholarship awarded by the WCSU Alumni Association.

“The May Sherwood Scholarship, along with the rest of my financial aid package, makes it possible for me to be a student at Western,” she said. “I simply would not be able to pursue my educational goals without these scholarships.”

Nagurney is entering her senior year at WCSU this fall with the objective of completing studies for a bachelor’s degree in secondary education/mathematics. Her determination to pursue a career in the teaching profession has been fueled both by her personal experience as a tutor, and by the inspiration she has drawn from her instructors at Western.

“I have had many opportunities to tutor math at Western, and that has helped to confirm for me that I will enjoy being a math teacher after I graduate,” she observed.

“I have been especially impressed by many of my teachers at Western,” she added. “Professors here truly know their content, and excel at teaching it. I feel lucky to have had so many fine examples of the kind of teacher that I want to be.”

Nagurney expressed her gratitude to Western alumni for providing the financial resources required to support  scholarship programs for current students.

“Western alumni help to further the reputation of the university when they go out and succeed in their fields, and then give back,” she remarked. “There are lots of ways to support Western, such as becoming an active member of the Alumni Association, making financial donations, or sponsoring a scholarship.”

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