Clean Access Installation Instructions

In order to logon to the Residence Hall Network (RESNET) you must first have Clean Access installed on your machine. The following instructions are for PC users who have Windows 2000/XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Please follow the screen shots shown below for installing and connecting to RESNET using Clean Access Agent.

  1. Make sure your computer has a properly installed and configured network interface card (NIC) and that it is configured for DHCP. For wireless connection, your computer must have a wireless network car installed and enabled.
  2. Determine if you will be connecting through an Ethernet cable or wireless.
    • For hardwire: Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the network card and the other end into the data jack in the wall. (Note: in Centennial Hall, plug the Ethernet cable into the blue data jack. In all other residence halls, plug the Ethernet cable into the black data jack.)
    • For wireless: Choose SSID “ResNet” from available networks.
  3. When you connect your computer to RESNET first time, you will be directed to a page for authentication which will then allow you to download the Clean Access Agent software.
  4. Once you have downloaded (we recommend saving the file to your desktop and then running it from there) and installed the Clean Access Agent, you will be presented with authentication screen for login to RESNET. This screen will be presented every time you need to connect to RESNET in the future, and will pop-up automatically after you computer has finished loading the startup programs every time you start.
  5. After authentication, Clean Access Agent checks your system to ensure that it is meeting security requirements (enforced by the WestConn Clean Access Server, that your computer must have all critical patches installed, auto-update turned on, anti-virus software installed and updated).
  6. In case you are missing any required software (or updates), you will be presented with a screen where you click 'Go To Link' or ‘Updates’ for the remediation. If you are missing an Optional software, then you can still continue with the login process by pressing 'Next'. Although we do allow you to continue using the network without meeting the optional requirement, but we strongly encourage you to fix the missing requirement as soon as you can so that your computer is safer and connecting to RESNET process would be quicker next time.
  7. Before you connect to RESNET, you must also accept 'Network Usage Terms and Conditions'.

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