How to Login to Clean Access

Windows Users Only: When it is time to log in again, the Clean Access Agent login screen should appear automatically. If it does not, right-click the Clean Access Agent icon located in your system tray (in the lower-right corner of the screen by the clock) and click on Login. DO NOT open a Web browser window and attempt to log in that way because you will be prompted to install Clean Access Agent again, which you do not need to do. If the ‘login’ option in the submenu is disabled or grey, then your computer may not be connected properly to the jack or network connection settings are incorrect. Wireless users should verify that the computer is connected to ‘ResNet’ SSID.

After logging in to Clean Access Agent, it will again verify that your computer meets the minimum requirements to access WestConn's network. If it does not, you will be notified (see the “Requirements” page for details).

All non-Windows users (e.g., MAC/Linux/Unix etc.) will be required to log in through a Web browser to join the WestConn's network. No client is required for these operating systems.

Obtaining your Windows Account

A Windows account is needed in order to log into the WestConn's Network and use the resources available. To obtain your Windows account, you may visit any of the staffed computer centers on campus:

You must bring your WestConnect card with you for identification purposes.

For Additional Help

If you experience any problems or have any questions regarding this process, please call the Information Technology & Innovation Help Desk at (203) 837-8467, visit the Student Technology Training Center, located in the room 225 of the Student Center, or e-mail for assistance.

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