Mail Services


Automated Mailings- Frequently Asked Questions.


  1. Q. What are the eligibility standards for first class and non profit automated letter mailings?
    A. For first class automated letter mailings, you have to have 500 or more pieces to qualify for an automated mailing. Non profit requires 200 pieces.


  2. Q. What must be included for a complete address to qualify for a first class automated letter mailing?
    A. You need a first name, last name, street address with a correct zip code and zip and 4 code. You can also include a prefix and a suffix and, if you want to, you can include an apartment or a unit if you want to pinpoint the address. If your piece is including a business or company, have that listed on your mail piece.


  3. Q. What is needed to be done for Mail Services to do an automated mailing?
    A. The department that is having the automated mailing done sends Mail Services one list with the information in proper address format with each item in a separate column(first name, last name, city,state, zip) on an Excel spread sheet and emails the list to Mail Services.


  4. Q. What is the length of time required for Mail Services to do the automated mailings?
    A. We require 5 business days to do the automated mailings. In most cases the job is done in two days. The 5 days are required to account for any problems that may come up. The problems could be trouble the equipment, a problem with the mail piece, or something not right with the list we received.  In those cases, adjustments must be made.


  5. Q. How will the department having the mailing done know when the mailing is completed?
    A. Mail Services will send an email to the department with the information on when the mailing was sent to the post office, the total number of pieces that were illegible in the mailing, and the total cost of the mailing. The department having the mailing done will provide an account number so Mail Services can bill the department for the cost of the mailing.


  6. Q. What is the permit imprint/indicia?
    A. The permit imprint/indicia is a printed stamp on the mail piece that is not affixed by Mail Services. This designed imprint is put on the mail piece to let the post office know postage has been paid. Mailers may be given authority to mailings without affixed postage. The cost of the mailings is deducted from the permit imprint account. For the first class mailings, you need a minimum of 500 pieces. For a nonprofit/standard mailing, a minimum of 200 pieces is required.


  7. Q. How is the indicia produced?
    A. Producing permit imprints embossed or unembossed permit imprints may be made by a printing press, hand stamp, lithography, mimeograph address plate, or a similar device. They must not be type written or hand drawn.


  8. Q. Can I put a piece of mail with an indicia in the mail?
    A. No, the post office will not accept single pieces of mail. All mail pieces in the outgoing mail, collection boxes, or to local post office must have postage affixed.


  9. Q. What is the process of automated mailings?
    A. After the mailing list for the mailing is sent to Mail Services, the list is imported and processed. When Mail Services receives the mail pieces, the addresses are printed on the mail pieces. When the mailing is done, it is trayed, sleeved, and sent to the USPS Bulk Mailing Center with the proper papers and documentation.