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Mathematics Clinic

Department of Mathematics

Western Connecticut State University

White Hall 323

Dr. Stavros Christofi, Director

The Math Clinic is a traditional math tutoring center, where students who have done well in undergraduate level math courses in the past serve as tutors to assist their fellow students with homework problems, projects, and preparing for quizzes or exams. Student-tutors are very friendly and helpful and will, on occasion, attempt to help students with general math questions in non-mathematics classes, but this is not the tutors’ primary purpose or expertise. Tutors will not help with take-home exams and other forms of assessments that must be completed by the individual student. There is no one-on-one tutoring in the Mathematics Clinic. However, if such tutoring is needed, students are directed to the Tutoring Resource Center.

The Math Clinic works on a first-come, first-served, walk-in basis; appointments cannot be made. The Math Clinic generally opens beginning the second week of classes through final exams. Hours are 9am to 6 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 9 am to 2 pm on Fridays. The Math Clinic is closed whenever the university is closed for any reason. On the second week of each semester and right before final exams week, a detailed schedule is made available that lists the hours the tutors work and what they are willing and able to tutor. The schedule is sent to all student wcsu email accounts, posted on the clinic’s website, and announced in the WOW email.

Students often choose to work on their math work in the Math Clinic "just in case" they have a question. Computers are available for them to work on their mathematical labs and projects. 

The Math Clinic is located in White Hall 323. Dr. Stavros Christofi, (203) 837-9351,, serves as its director.

The Math Clinic is not to be confused with the Math Emporium. The Math Emporium is an interactive computer-equipped tutorial learning center that enables a new way of teaching/learning the remedial math courses MAT 100 and 100P ONLY. It combines software-based learning, some traditional lecture instruction, and one-on-one tutoring, with faculty and teaching assistants available to assist students. The Math Emporium is located in Higgins Annex 105. Tom Grant, (203) 837-9370, serves as its coordinator.

Dr. Christofi
Whuite Hall 321A
(203) 837-9351

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