Department of Music: Bachelor of Music in Performance (B.M.): Vocal Or Instrumental

This degree option is designed for students who wish to pursue a performing and/or teaching career in music. Many students who choose this option continue their studies at the graduate level and participate in various professional programs in their specific area.

Goals for the B.M. in Performance degree option include:

  1. To prepare students to become highly skilled performers on their principal instrument, thus providing them with the tools necessary to succeed in a highly competitive field.
  2. To give students a comprehensive musical education which includes experiences in traditional ensembles, jazz and contemporary ensembles, conducting, form & analysis, music history, music of diverse cultures, pedagogy, music technology, composition, improvisation and professional development.
  3. To prepare students for careers as private music teachers.
  4. To prepare students for the academic rigor and professional performance level required for advanced study at the graduate level.
  5. To increase the student’s understanding and awareness of the arts in relation to society, thus developing lifelong advocates of the arts.

Students wishing to pursue this degree program must first be admitted by audition.

Requirements: B.M. in Performance

Completion of a minimum of 125 (instrumental emphasis) or 127 (vocal emphasis) semester hours in general education, the exercise science requirements, and the requirements applying to the specific major within the degree as outlined in the official program sheet, available from the student’s adviser.

Required courses in this degree program are:

MUS 186, 187 Applied Music (4 semesters)
MUS 103 World Music
MUS 108, 109 Music Theory I & II
MUS 113 Convocation, Concert and Recital Repertoire
MUS 114, 115 Sight Singing/Ear Training I, II
MUS 125, 126 Keyboard Competency I, II
MUS 208, 209 Music Theory III, IV
MUS 210, 211 Sight Singing/Ear Training III, IV
MUS 214 Half Recital
MUS 225, 226 Keyboard Competency III, IV
MUS 230, 231 Music History & Literature I, II
MUS 317 Music Form & Analysis
MUS 318 Music Technology
MUS 320 Basic Conducting
MUS 321 Choral Conducting
MUS 322 Instrumental Conducting
MUS 380 Full Recital
MUS 392, 393 Applied Music (4 semesters)
_______ Repertoire courses in applied field (2)
_______ Music history era course (1)
Six hours minimum electives with departmental approval
Recommended sequence: 

First Year    
Fall Semester

_______ Writing intensive course
_______ General education course
MUS 108 Music Theory I
MUS 113 Convocation, Concert and Recital Repertoire
MUS 114 Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUS 125 Keyboard Competency I
MUS 186 Applied Music
Performing groups  

Spring Semester

General education: Mathematics
_______ General education course
MUS 109 Music Theory II
MUS 113 Convocation, Concert and Recital Repertoire
MUS 115 Sight Singing/Ear Training I
MUS 126 Keyboard Competency II
MUS 187 Applied Music
Performing groups  

Sophomore Year
Fall Semester

_______ General education courses (2)
MUS 113 Convocation, Concert and Recital Repertoire
MUS 208 Music Theory III
MUS 210 Sight Singing/Ear Training III
MUS 225 Keyboard Competency III
MUS 230 Music History and Literature I
MUS 186 Applied Music
Additional general studies  
Performing groups  

Spring Semester

General education: lab science
_______ General education course
MUS 113 Convocation, Concert and Recital Repertoire
MUS 209 Music Theory IV
MUS 211 Sight Singing/Ear Training IV
MUS 226 Keyboard Competency IV
MUS 231 Music History and Literature II
MUS 187 Applied Music
Performing groups  

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