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Undergraduate Nursing Program

Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Completion of all general education requirements, including exercise science, and requirements in nursing and foundational sciences specified in the program outlined below, to total a minimum of 125 semester hours.


All courses identified in the following eight semester sequence are requirements in this major. Completion of the program within four academic years requires that the biology and chemistry courses be completed in the semesters shown. The remaining credits to meet general education requirements and additional free electives for a total of 125 SH, including exercise science, may be scheduled at the student’s discretion with approval of the departmental adviser. Registered nurse graduates of associate degree and hospital diploma nursing programs who hold a current RN license in Connecticut or another state are encouraged to apply to this program. A current RN license is required from the state in which clinical affiliations are scheduled. These students must complete all college and department course requirements satisfactorily to be eligible for the B.S. degree in Nursing. Western Connecticut State University is a participant in the Connecticut Articulation Model for Nurse Educational Mobility. Please contact the department for information regarding eligibility for admission under the articulation model and opportunities for earning credit for specific foundational courses by examination.


First Year      
Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
BIO 105 4 SH BIO 106 4 SH
CHE 120 4 SH CHE 121 4SH
*SOC 100 3 SH PSY 100 3 SH
*COM 162 3 SH *Writing Intensive Course (W) 3 SH
Elective 3 SH *Physical Activity (HPX Course) 2 SH
Total Credits 17 SH Total Credits 16 SH
* May be taken in either the Fall or Spring semester
Sophomore Year
Fall Semester Spring Semester
NUR 201 4 SH NUR 225 2 SH
NUR 205 4 SH NUR 235 5 SH
BIO 215 4 SH MAT 115 OR 120 3 SH
*HPX 205 2 SH NUR 300 4 SH
Gen Ed 3 SH    
Total Credits 17 SH Total Credits 14 SH
* May be taken in either the Fall or Spring semester
Junior Year      
Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
NUR 255 6 SH NUR 335 8 SH
NUR 361 2 SH NUR 374 2 SH
Gen Ed 3 SH Gen Ed 3 SH
Gen Ed 3 SH Gen Ed 3 SH
Elective 1 SH    
Total Credits 15 SH Total Credits 16 SH
Senior Year      
Fall Semester   Spring Semester  
NUR 325 7 SH NUR 375 5 SH
NUR 327 6 SH Gen Ed 3 SH
Gen Ed 3 SH Elective 3 SH
    Elective 3 SH
Total Credits 16 SH Total Credits 14 SH



  1. In order to remain in the nursing program, students must earn at least a “C” grade in all courses with a NUR 200 or NUR 300 designation.
  2. Enrollment in NUR 225, 230 and 235 requires a grade of “C” or above in BIO 215.
  3. In order to remain in the nursing program, nursing students must fulfill academic requirements and must also show evidence of meeting the behavioral objectives (cognitive, psychomotor and affective) of preparation for professional nursing as described and distributed in each nursing course with a NUR 200 and NUR 300 designation.
  4. A student who receives a grade of “C-” or lower in a NUR 200 or NUR 300 level nursing course, whose cumulative grade point average has dropped below 2.50, who has withdrawn from a NUR 200 or NUR 300 level nursing course, who has taken a leave of absence from the nursing program, or who has withdrawn from the nursing program must apply for readmission to the nursing program. The student may be readmitted to the program provided that, in the judgment of the nursing faculty, the student meets the criteria for readmission.
  5. Any student who receives more than one course grade below “C” in any of the NUR courses will not be readmitted to the nursing program.
  6. Students who demonstrate an unsafe level of patient care will not be permitted to continue in the clinical area.
  7. Under provisions of Public Act 86-365, students whose ability to function is impaired or who have engaged in unethical or illegal acts, or whose behavior does not conform to accepted standards of the nursing profession may jeopardize their eligibility for obtaining or retaining professional nurse licensure in the State of Connecticut. (A copy of the act with explanatory material is available for review in the department office.) Such conduct or behavior may also be grounds for disciplinary action, including suspension or dismissal from the program, by the nursing faculty or departmental administrator.



  1. The student must have earned a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 based on at least 125 credits earned.
  2. The student must have at least a “C” grade in all 200 and 300 level nursing courses.
  3. The student must have sustained evidence of academic and behavioral characteristics acceptable for professional nursing as set forth in the philosophy and objectives of the Department of Nursing.


Professional Nurse Licensure

Upon successful completion of the program, graduates are eligible to apply to the State Board of Examiners for Nursing in Connecticut, or in any other state of their choice, for examination for Professional Nurse licensure. Each state board may have additional criteria for eligibility according to the laws of the state. In Connecticut, the limitations to eligibility for licensure are delineated in Public Act 86-365. A copy of this act is available for review in the department office.



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