Commuter Student Orientation

Last updated: June 2, 2016

All commuter students are asked to attend all three days of activities in the beginning of Welcome Week, starting on Friday, August 26th as well as attend the additional programs throughout the week.

We understand that as a commuter it may seem like a lot to ask to drive in for all three days, but the activities offered on this first Friday, Saturday, Sunday will help all students and especially you as commuters to connect with other students, make friends, and become full members of the Western community (“Entering the Gates”).  Many of these activities are informational and fun at the same time (“Voices of Students”) and something you would not want to miss, something you may still talk about for weeks afterwards.

So don’t think of yourself as just a commuter student but as a student who will take part in all activities such as student organizations (sign up at Clubs Carnival), who becomes a SuperFan, supporting our athletic teams and clubs during home games, someone who cares about Western and gets involved.

Check out the Commuter Student website and join the Commuter Student Organization (CSO).

How to get connected at Western

In beginning your education at Western, it is important to get connected with both your faculty and your peers.  To that end there are a number of activities that we suggest you consider attending.  For example, every Thursday you could attend the Midtown Coffeehouse at 8 p.m. in the Colonial Corner.  The evening usually starts with an hour of open mic, followed by a featured performer.  The Coffeehouse is always free and sandwiches, soda and of course coffee are always on the house.

On some Fridays you could attend the PAC Movie Night usually scheduled for 8pm in the Student Center Theater.  This event is also free to all students and a fun way to see a movie a second time or even the first if you’ve missed it in the theatres.  Friday After Hours in the Colonial Corner from 10 p.m. to midnight is another fun way to spend a Friday late evening.

Perhaps the best way to connect with Western is at Clubs Carnival.  Virtually every student organization will have a table to present their program to new students.  In addition there will be music and amusements.  Please keep checking back to find out where and at what time Clubs Carnival will be scheduled.

And at the end of the day, you can relax and unwind and have a cup of Starbuck’s coffee at The Daily Grind in the Westside Campus Center.

For additional activities and events please check Western’s event calendar.