Overnight Orientation

Before you stay overnight:

  • It is extremely important that you have taken all of your placement exams if you need them (if you are not sure, contact the Admissions Office at admissions@wcsu.edu or call 203-837-9000).

Items to bring for the overnight stay:

  • A pillow and pillow case
  • A sleeping bag, or sheets/blanket (linens are not provided)
  • A towel
  • Toiletries
  • Casual, comfortable clothes
  • Shoes and flip-flops
  • A jacket and/or umbrella (just in case)
  • A small, portable fan (Litchfield Hall dorm rooms are not air conditioned)

We also would advise you to put a luggage tag on your bag to avoid mix-ups.
And if you would like to purchase a WCSU t-shirt or rent/buy books at our bookstore (they will match Amazon’s prices and are very convenient), consider bringing a credit card.


Questions?  Call 203-837-9700